Random notes and thoughts on the film making process

I know that this is starting to look a bit like the diary of a film maker. Well it’s important for me to write up this process. One year from now I want to be able to read back what an insane time this has been and how things went. So the coming time the focus of this blog will be on the making of SweetArts.

The other thing is that I won’t have any time for anything else in my life for a while. Here are some random notes and thoughts again:

  • I have an appointment with my casting director on Monday. Finding actors that are right for the parts is crucial. Actually, I will go as far as – I won’t make the film until I have found the right actors. The whole planning is hanging on finding actors and them being available. If we can’t find them, we will move the dates.
  • I lost my producer to a paying feature film job. A shame really, she was a very nice person. But that’s how it is. Fortunately I had a meeting with two lovely people yesterday, and with a bit of luck, they are going to be my production manager and producer. Generally I have been incredibly lucky with the people I have met in this project so far.
  • Someone asked me why I had put my age in my Shooting People ad (the ad where I was searching for an assistant). Well I think it has kept the 17 year olds away from responding and also it somehow has attracted the exact right people (as in kind, generous, friendly, warm and good sense of humour type of people) to this project.
  • There is no greater kick than to discuss my film with other people and seeing that they are as passionate about this story as I am. That’s where I know I have found the right people.
  • Another important thing is that I explain them from the start that I am not very experienced. But I so know how I want things for this film. When I had a talk with an experienced producer yesterday I told her that I was just starting out and didn’t know a lot. She said two things that I will try to remember:
    • She thought that I knew quite a lot, actually
    • She also said that it was very good that I seemed to be aware of the things I don’t know and that I did not pretend to know everything

    I will never pretend to know things I don’t know. I am not the type, it will hit you back if you so. And there are already enough fake people in this world. I dislike fake people.

  • I am still quite nervous to face actors and not quite sure how the directing is going to go. Again I don’t have a lot of experience! But I feel I have become more confident. I directed a photo shoot at a train depot today and surprised myself several times by how I ran it. I have to keep that in mind when working with actors. If I can see that they like the story and if they are nice people, I think I will quickly forget my shyness and fear and I will be able to discuss with them how to play the different scenes. At least, that’s the plan.
  • I am taking the weekend off for some days at the coast. No postings here until Monday. Monday the film making madness will really begin.

Enjoy your weekend too.

5 thoughts to “Random notes and thoughts on the film making process”

  1. > I know that this is starting to look a bit like the diary of a film maker.

    Quite right. This is your diary, and you’re making a film, thus you’re a film maker.

    We’re lapping it up.

  2. You have a nice weekend too, you deserve some relax day`s, trhow all your worry`s away for the weekend, enjoy your trip ;o-))

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