6 thoughts to “And here we go”

  1. Hi!!

    Congratulations. CONGRATULATIONS. I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted a comment, but I assure you, I’ve been reading with excitement about the progress of this piece…and though it doesn’t surprise me you’ve come this far, I am in awe, nonetheless. :) You are amazing.

    And now *he* [removed name, sorry!]!!!! is going to read it!!! Great things are happening.

    …on a slightly personal note, I wanted to reassure you about the mole removal. I have had a few removed myself, and unless they are suspicious, I can assure you that it is no big deal. They give you a little local shot of painkiller (it’s tiny), and then they just snip it off. You won’t feel a thing. If they are a little suspicious, it might involve stitches, but that’s unlikely. I think you will be FINE. xoxoxox

  2. Thanks all! :) I survived.

    @Ella: I have been quite lucky to get some help from people along the way, without that I would not have come this far. But there is still a long long way to go! And I need to find some more people to help out, so I am far from there yet. But I am working on it!

    Thanks for your reassurance about the mole removal, I might get some stitches for mine but I am not that worried about that. I just hope they are not baddies!

    Oh and I removed *his* name from your post, I don’t want to shout too much about it. Or I do – but I won’t :)

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