SweetArts: Locations and Friday Fessing

Art school
In between everything, I have actually written 5 pages of brand new (feature length) script. There is no chance that I will finish this script anytime soon, but the beginning is there.

My mind is thinking about the story a lot, there are a couple of options and I am trying to figure out the best one. I think it will be more rom and less com this time, even though there will certainly be things to laugh about. I actually look forward to return to my writing in a cafe life style. Billy Mac(book) hasn’t been out for a while so he is eager to get back out there too.

Next week I hope to have a break through on the search for Producer/Production manager mission for SweetArts. I don’t dare to count on anything for certain because I have seen too many people come and quickly go again, but something tells me that this might be the real deal. Maybe I am just ignorant, or maybe with a little luck, it falls into place.

If that is the case, I need to get back to focusing on casting. I watched the audition tapes again, and there are certainly a couple of women I can see as June. But I am not too sure I have spotted Dan amongst the men yet.

And look at the above snap shots: it is very likely that this is going to be the location for the art school. The pictures are not very clear, but there are easels (they are leaning against the wall folded together on this photo), brushes, paint and all kind of other art school stuff around in this place. And seeing as it is in fact a place where they teach art, it seems perfect to me. It is also pretty spacious so enough room for a camera crew. So I think that location nut is cracked. That leaves a bookshop and a park to sort out still.

This weekend I have been invited over to wonderful Devon by my good friend. I look forward to some fresh air, the sea, excellent company and to meet her two lovely dogs.

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are.

5 thoughts to “SweetArts: Locations and Friday Fessing”

  1. You too have a very nice weekend, enjoy your free time with your good friend and let all your worry`s blow away on the beach ;o-)

  2. i love when a new project is percolating in the back of the mind…i honestly believe 3/4 of the writing process happens before much is ever written. Enjoy the beginning of the creative process!

  3. Wow! Im so excited! I found your blog weeks ago but Im so into your project! Good luck!
    Pardon my question and ignorance but, do you have an entry where you describe SweetArts plot? I cant find anything related. Sorry Im so curious!

    And you are having a lot of entries for the logo, Im gonna try to make one, Im a graphic desginer but Im so busy right now with a website. I just took a few minutes to check if you have some updates.

    Good Luck again!

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