42 (+ 2 days)

Devon Cream Tea in the Wayside Cafe

It’s really not bad to spend your 42nd birthday with your best friend in a cafe in Widecombe-In-The-Moor having a cream tea that looked as good as this and tasted as good too.

We also visited Princetown which is known for the prison. And if you have seen Lucky Break (which of course you have, as Bill is in it) then you might recognize the prison. Lucky Break has partly been shot in Dartmoor Prison.

In Princetown I had my first Knickerbocker Glory ever (good experience) in a cafe built in their old police station.

And we also visited Exmouth which is a lovely town on the coast. And Budleigh which is an even lovelier small town on the coast with a pebbled beach and red cliffs in stead of the white chalky ones. Most importantly here though is that they sell the best ice cream I have tasted in Britain so far.

My birthday was perfect, and my weekend was too.

Last year I was hoping that the year ahead would have me make my short film. I did not quite manage to pull that off but I am still quite confident that SweetArts will be shot in October this year.

9 thoughts to “42 (+ 2 days)”

  1. So good to see you had a great weekend and by the way, I also want a knickerbocker glory please!!!;o-))

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    And I have to agree with Miek, that Knickerbocker Glory (you have to wonder who the heck comes up with these names..) certainly looks delicious!

  3. Happy belated birthday, indeed! This sounds like the perfect birthday weekend. Cream tea for me, please.

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