Everything passes

Danish music magazine Gaffa.dk has an interview with my other hero:

What things that you know today would you have liked to know then (1984) ?

Jeg ville gerne have vidst, at det går over. Alting går over. Det er utrolig vigtigt at vide. Desværre har det gode det også med at gå over. Men den glade nyhed er, at det jo kun går over, for at der skal komme noget nyt. At det forholder sig sådan, ville jeg egentlig godt have vidst. Det ville have sparet mig mange søvnløse nætter.

Seeing as most of you don’t understand Danish, I did a pathetic attempt to translate it:

I would have liked to know that it passes. Everything passes. That is really important to know. Unfortunately the good things don’t last forever either. But the good news is that things only pass because something new is waiting to take over. That things work like this, that’s something I would really have liked to know. It would have saved me from many sleepless nights.

I kind of cling on to his words at the moment, as he is right, everything passes and new things will arrive at the horizon.

He is a very funny, inspirational and intelligent man (and yes he is tall and has lanky legs too), and I look very much forward to see them play in Shepherds Bush Empire in London in November.

Anything you would have liked to know in 1984 that you know today?

4 thoughts to “Everything passes”

  1. I was 3, so no, not really.

    In late 2002, I would have loved to have known that Apple’s shares would multiply in value 50-fold over the next 5 years. But that’s a bit mercenary.

  2. That every end makes a new beginning that can be even better. Change scares the s*** out of me. It would have been great if that had been taken care of at the root of the problem ;o)

    It took me 2 days to think of this one. My 7 best songs where a lot easier lol.

  3. I was 20, and I wish I’d realised that life can be much more fun if you buy a comb and some soap, and some decent clothes then take a few risks and actually approach girls instead of spending most of your days going for long walks and thinking about yourself. I was so timid and shy at the age when I should have been meeting them. I’m completely different now. But obviously I had to go through that before I lost that fear of others and fear of risking myself.

    Right this is sounding like some bloody AA meeting now.

  4. Let’s see, in 1984: A lot of people were going a little crackers over a certain book, title of which was similar to the year… I would have told my youngerself not to panic. Things aren’t so much as everyone is making them out to be. Maybe if I’d learned it then, I’d feel it a bit more now.

    And I would have also told myself that I was much smarter than I had realized back then. But not as smart as I thought I was. If that makes sense.

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