Must love Dogs

A dog's nose

I do love dogs, which was good as I spent a lot of time with two of them during my holiday. I shared a house with M&M for ten days and this nose was the first thing I saw when I woke up. This one, and the nose of her sister, sniffing and wagging their tales trying to persuade me to get up.

Get up! Get up! We want to go to the beach – now! Get up!

Some morning fitness stick sharing

M&M are sisters and seldomly have I seen two dogs that get along so well. They have been together since they were puppies and have no trouble sharing sticks like this. They also love fetching pebbles on the beach, digging holes, messing about with sea weed and sliming your trousers, shirts and socks. Hey, they are dogs.

OK we are ready, where are we going today?
M&M are used to travel so whenever you opened a car door they jumped in, ready to come along to wherever we went.

M does not love cars
M is not very fond of car rides though but considers it better than the alternative – staying at home and missing out on all the fun.

After a long day running and chewing sticks - a well deserved rest on the sofa ...
After a long day out they normally took a well deserved rest on the sofa. If you happened to sit on that sofa they slimed you first, lick your glasses and lay down on top of you. They are not that picky really.

Can I come? Can I come? Can I come?
And on one of the few days where we didn’t bring the dogs, we ran into this one on the beach. It was a lovely dog following us everywhere. We didn’t quite know where she belonged but she wore a collar and seems very happy to just wander about. When we left we told her to leave, and off she went, to one of the houses close by, waving her paw to us – as to say thanks for playing – while we drove off.

Dogs are easy to love. I miss having them around.

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  1. Hmm have to agree with Pedro – I’m more of a cat person myself as well – even if I’m sure the snoring coming from behind me when I work from home can be heard on the conference call I’m on …

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