Must Love Pirates

Davy Jones in Ireland

Yes OK, so he wanted to come along to Ireland, and seeing as both me and my friend are quite fond of Davy (and the man behind the tentacles) we took him out on several trips to show him some bits of Ireland.

(Click the image for a larger version)

So from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Davy near one of the many stone circles in Ireland. Ireland really does have a lot of stone circles, but this particular one might have been built by two girls in September 2008. Looks real though doesn’t it?
  • Davy showing off surfing on the beach. He is such a macho sometimes.
  • Davy slicing a piece of my apple pie in Killarney.
  • Davy the surfing pirate.
  • Davy Jones showing off his sword.
  • Davy wandering about in the Irish nature.
  • Davy Jones sunbathing on the beach.
  • Davy dipping his, erhm, toes, and his, erhm crab leg in the sea.
  • Davy enjoying the view in the national park near Killarney.
  • One more of Davy in front of the stone circle.

Other Pirate news: Disney is currently developing a Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Captain Jack will return, but Davy told me that he wasn’t sure he would be in it. If he is not bothered, I might not be bothered to go and watch it, what’s POTC without the one Pirate.

Oh and yes I did some minor changes to the design here. Hope you like it.

And credit where credit is due:
The background pattern is a colour modified one from Squidfingers (which is a very appropiate name)
The coffee cup is a slightly modified version from PSDTuts.
And the blue hearts background in the header have been inspired by several other patterns. I am still tinkering with things but I quite like the colour scheme.

5 thoughts to “Must Love Pirates”

  1. I totally agree with you: this colour scheme is very likeable.

    And Davy tipping his crab leg in the waves is my favourite of the pictures above.

  2. Great Davy pics!
    I’m not so sure about the sunbathing picture. Davy lying on a pink and purple sock-thing…? That’s not manly at all. (It’s a bit girly, actually!)

  3. @Anna I think the sunbathing and the surfer ones are my favourites too :)

    @Doris glad you like the colours too!

    @Pedro – Davy is a metro sexual, he can do pink and purple, he is macho enough.

    (And my ipod sock thing was the best I had that remotely looks like a towel – ok, very remotely!!)

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