All clear and Brideshead revisited premiere tonight

Love Seaweed actually

After five and a half week I got the results of my operation today, it’s good news I am fine. And relieved. And after having it nagging about in the back of my head for that long it might take a while before I get used to not worrying about it anymore.

And to celebrate it I just got an email that I won two tickets to the Brideshead Revisited premiere, which takes place tonight at 6.30pm at the Chelsea Cinema, Kings Road. The film stars Emma Thompson, Matthew Goode and Ben Whishaw, all of whom will be attending the premiere.

I have never seen the TV version which I think is a part of becoming a true Brit. I hope watching the film will give me some points towards that too though. I look forward to this film.

I have one spare ticket, any takers? You have to be able to be in Chelsea tonight around 6.15pm.

13 thoughts to “All clear and Brideshead revisited premiere tonight”

  1. I’m glad the results are positive (or is it negative…?).
    Lucky you, winning some tickets for BR. I’d wish I was in London at the moment, but I’m afraid I just can’t make it :-).

  2. Thanks Pedro – I am very relieved I can assure you!

    And BR – I actually already looked forward to this film and was planning to go and see it when it comes out – but attending the official premiere is even more fun. :)

  3. Such good news make me happy , enjoy your film tonight.
    Love your new ( don`t know the english name) Layout????;o-))


    Really happy for you! *can you tell?*

  5. Love the layout too, but the happiness runs of the page! Probably some wordwrapping thingie … or maybe i have just used up too many characters in one word?

    Then again: for something like this you can’t have too much character(s)! ;-)

  6. I’m just a teensyweensy bit jealous. I’d be begging you if I could come with. But I think I just saw the Ryanair plane leave…

    Enjoy !!!!! And congrats on the good results !

  7. Glad the results are fine. Something with your skin? I like the new lay but the comments are somewhat unreadable but I think you are aware of that (FF, Mac).

  8. @Bart thank you! Your comments ended up in moderation, there are here now! :)

    @Annerie – if you would have been here you could have come along! It sounds more glamorous than it was though and the film was OK, but not like WOW. :)

  9. Glad the hospital news was good.
    I adored the Brideshead TV serial and I believe the new version plays a bit fast and loose with the story but it’s got Emma Thompson and Ben Whishaw in it so I have to see it! Lucky you winning tickets!

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