SweetArts: Script readthrough and first cast member confirmed!


If you can’t stand reading about my short film you are going to have a tough time, it will probably be the most written about subject here, mostly because I want to document for my self how this all came about. If I don’t write it down now, I will forget how things went. So bear with me if you want to read about other things, November might be a good time to come back.

But: Things are really starting to happen now.

Apart from my next meeting with M on Saturday morning, I now also have a script readthrough appointment on Tuesday.

M has invited two professional actors over who are going to read the script out loud. There are two reasons why we need to do this:

  • we need to time the script. We need to have a fair idea of how long the film is going to be.
  • it will tell me as a writer if the dialogue I have written works, if it sounds right, if the sentences are natural to speak for an actor, all that kind of stuff. I will probably be cringing hearing my own script read back to me, but it will be a major learning experience. I will make notes of the actors’ comments and improve the script after that so it is in tip top shape for the shoot.

So that is all very exiting.

Just as exciting is that I have my first cast member confirmed! It’s for one of the minor roles but he is very experienced, he has done a lot of film and tv work and he is very, erhm, handsome! So all good news!

8 thoughts to “SweetArts: Script readthrough and first cast member confirmed!”

  1. Good to see that things are going so well, and …I can`t get enough from your reading about your film ;o) good luck and have a nice weekend.

  2. I actually love to share the documentation on your short film. Can’t get enough of it.

    But, hey, the photograph doesn’t match the post (wrong script ;-)). Shouldn’t there be Dan & June? I wonder if you did that on purpose in order to see if we are paying attention.

  3. @Miek: Have a nice weekend too! :)

    @Zazz: you really are paying attention! It was lazyness! I don’t think I have a pic of the SweetArts script (yet!) so I stole this image from another post about that other film I wrote :) I have to change this now won’t I, I will do when I have some time! :)

  4. Well I for one LOVE reading about the process from script to film, so document – on, sister. And congrats on your first cast member…very very exciting!

  5. Nope, won’t come back in November because I’m too curious about the project. I want to read it all!

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