Tea time

After 4 hours in the Electric House I got send off with some home work and now I have the rest of the weekend off. Nice. The home work consists of compiling a list of festivals I am going to submit the film to. At this moment Cannes and the UK Raindance festival are the two major ones we have in mind but I will have to do some research. Yes M is taking all this very seriously, I better start to do that too.

Oh festivals by the way, here is how it works: you send your film, you pay them a fee (Cannes f.ex. was 75 Euros last year), they will look at your film, you cross your fingers and hope they decide it is good enough to be shown. So it has to be pretty good.

The most important thing we are working on at the moment is the casting of Dan. We have several possible options for June, but June needs to fit together with a Dan and seeing as Dan is the most important character in the story, we want to cast him first.

We talked a lot about possible actors. Having a well known face for Dan would be really good for the film.

And about when the film would be completely finished (that’s including voice over, soundtrack and editing) – currently we are aiming for January/February 2009.

Next SweetArts meeting will be the script readthrough on Tuesday. That’s also where I will meet the actor who has been casted as the video shop owner. I look forward to that.

I write this in the Starbucks in Chelsea where I am secretly eating a cupcake I bought on Portobello Market (it was scrummy) and where I am having a tea the milky way killing some time before I go to the cinema to see How to lose friends and Alienate People. I hope it’s funny as I just want to relax. Tomorrow I have a day off, I better enjoy it, it might be the last one for a while.


Simon Pegg is a comic genius, How To Lose Friends and Alienate People is worth seeing because of him. It’s also a pretty funny rom-com, it reminded me a lot of The Devil Wears Prada, but this time from a man’s point of view.

Bonus trailers before the film:
Ghost town with Ricky Gervais, another very very funny Brit. He seems to play him self again in this film, so I am looking forward to this. (great poster too)

Quantum of Solace. Yep. No extra words needed. Daniel Craig is all over the place at the moment on magazine covers, in news papers specials and soon I bet on the red London buses.

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