SweetArts: Script readthrough

The Script

No they are not really pink! But they have been read out aloud by two actors. It went well. Apart from some minor changes and a change to the opening scene, the script is ready for the shoot.

A script supervisor and a potential (not confirmed yet – but award winning!) DOP attended too. If this sounds like things are taken very seriously then I can only agree. That’s what happens when you are lucky enough to get a person like M to produce your film. Me – I am trying to just follow along while all those things are happening.

We are seriously working on getting a cast on board now, which is a bit of a challenge. Mostly because we are trying to get some people who are a bit known.

Next production meeting is tomorrow in Notting Hill. Yes there are a lot of meetings, but there is a lot to organize. There are a lot of balls in the air at the moment, and we hope that we can catch some of them so things start to fall into place. End October/Beginning of November shoot is still on. It’s a busy time.

2 thoughts to “SweetArts: Script readthrough”

  1. Hi! I found your blog some days ago and I love it!
    Im gonna look for this movie cuz I dont have a blog to comment about the movie and join your project :(
    I wish you the best of lucks for your GITC project and of course for your script! How amazing it is that they are going to make a film!? Wow! I gonna be waiting for this movie.

    I also like your comments about London! Im going over there for a month in December so I hope I can visit some places you have mention. There’s something about UK that I love and I havent been there before.

    I see you love Bill Nighy! You know I am a huge Rupert Grint fan and the two are filming Wild Target right now! Do you know something about it? I cant wait for that movie , it’s gonna be amazing isnt?

  2. @Val: yes I know about Wild Target :) I can’t wait for that movie either, I think it is going to be funny!

    I hope you enjoy your time in London! If you are here in December, London will have it’s Christmas clothes on, it will look nice.

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