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Will she ever stop? I don’t know. I have recently received email from new participants from Spain and the UK, so people still seem interested. As long as she is comfortable traveling, I will let her do so.

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The Girl In The Cafe really gripped me. I couldn’t stop watching it. It was one of the sweetest films I’ve seen in a long time. It had everything I like in a film. Romance, suspense, and a surprise ending with a spiritual message.
I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to see this film.
Rebecca Watts
Tucson, AZ

While Bill Nighy and Kelly Macdonald give very good performances playing out the tired and unbelievable roles of May/December romance, The Girl in the Café would have us believe that England is the only nation who really wants to end world hunger. Posited over against this unreal and unrealistic state-as-hero we find the United States: interested only in furthering commercial interests.

Hello, stereotypes!

How much did the US spend in world aid last year? And England? The EU?

A better angle would be to look at the world through the lens of a historical work and thesis in A War Like No Other by Victor Davis Hanson.

Don’t get me wrong. I remain sensitized to the problem of hunger. I have been there. Despite my vast relative privilege and opportunity, I have known periods of poverty and foodlessness. And in times not so scarce, I remember those who ache for food–especially children. In addition, I wish someone could ingenuously walk into a world summit on spending and divert billions of money toward feeding folks instead of dominating countries such as Iraq at trillions of dollars expense to the American public.

Perhaps any purported work of art that aims to improve lives, raise consciousness should be heralded, approved. However, Girl is not so much art as it is propaganda.

Thanks for the privilege of watching the made-for-TV movie.
Jason Huntington
Tacoma, Washington USA

I had to go out of town almost immediately after receiving The Girl on Tour. First thing I did when I got back was watch this touring Girl — for about the 20th time. I know it sounds silly, to have watched it so many times on my own and then to participate as a stop on The Tour, but it made it immensely more fun than it already was. This delightful film is not only a pleasure in every way to watch, but it is ever-so socially relevant. Just as heard The Girl was on the way to me, the real G-8 was being held, and there was a flap about the lavish 27-course meals the participants were presented at their gatherings, surely worthy of the same type of bold and guileless commentary by Gina in the movie. If only she had been there in real life!

Bill Nighy is an astonishingly talented actor, and he and Kelly Macdonald work together seamlessly as they have in the BBC productions of “State of Play.” I do not believe I have ever seen another male actor who could say as much through facial expression and body language without uttering a word. I heard he plays an aging rock star in another film that is amazing, but I don’t know the name of it. Anybody else out there who knows?

The Girl in the Care is an amazing, beautiful, and in many ways perfect sleeper of a film. It was not widely publicized and most people I know have never heard of it even though they are cinema fans. It is realistic and yet inspires great hope, and is quite uplifting for hearts that cannot help but be heavy about the current affairs of the world. Bravo! 4 Stars!

So, The Girl enjoyed a bit of time in Austin, Texas, and is on her way as I write this to Melle in Arizona!
Beverly in Austin TX

Melle wrote a review on her weblog
How the socially awkward saved the world, please go and read it.

The Girl on tourBill thinks this is a pretty cool idea. I do too. Do you? Join here. It is free and it is, ehrm, quirky.

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world
But it’s a start

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