SweetArts, Crowdspring and Chewinggum actually

Yes it has been a bit quiet and I also sometimes wonder myself if this film ever gets made but things have started rolling again now. I had a production meeting yesterday and while we still haven’t found a Dan yet we are now also working on confirming locations. We also know that the shoot will take 4 days, which will probably be a part of the weekend and some working days. Finding Dan is probably going to be a nightmare (there is only one Bill Nighy in this world and he is way out of our league and also the busiest man on earth) but let’s see.

There are so many loose ends to this film at the moment that I just try to take it one day at the time and trust that my producer knows what she is doing. She does because she is good. I relax while thinking about how I want to shoot things and drink tea, lots of tea. While nibbling on a Jammie Dodger.

I’ll keep you posted.

Apart from the film, I am trying out Crowdspring because I want a decent logo for a business card and other purposes. Crowdspring works as follows: you pay them the money you want to spent, you set a time limit (next Monday is the expiry date for mine) and designers around the world can submit their design. I pick the one I like best, designer gets paid – simple. I like the idea of it, the fact that people around the world can submit their work.

Choosing one I like is more difficult than I thought though. Actually there aren’t many that I really like just yet (I am quite picky) so I hope some more suggestions will come in. If you want to give your opinion (please do, I could do with some second opinions) have a look at what has been submitted so far.

And the Chewinggum actually, well what can I say. Love is all around.

Oh, and Stephen Fry on Twitter will brighten your day if you like the man. He is currently in Africa filming Douglas Adams’ book Last Chance to See as a documentary. If you are on Twitter too, let me know, I would love to follow my readers. You can follow me here.

13 thoughts to “SweetArts, Crowdspring and Chewinggum actually”

  1. The normally post several ideas in the same picture, which is why it has several logos in one :)

    I personally like:



    which are made by the same designer. I think something in between those two will be perfect. :)

  2. Hi Mysterious Girl in the Cafe,
    Just wanted to reach out + thank you for posting a project on crowdSPRING. If I remember correctly, I found your graphic design woes via Twitter, and I’m glad that we could help you out!

    Can’t wait to see the final product.

    All the best,
    crowdSPRING’s Community Manager

  3. I like the ArtbyAudree ones (especially the more recent one with the cup and the note pad; I imagine you sitting in a cafe, working on your script). And I like monsterleo’s. And klamon’s (although the coffe spots might not be adequate for a serious business card).

    So, still no reply from you-know-who that he will gladly join your project?

  4. @Angeline – I can’t wait to see what comes out of it either. It’s a nice way to get in contact with designers.

    @Zazz You-know-who is booked until far into next year. Nothing yet from him, but am giving up hopes and will focus on finding the second best Dan :)

  5. being a designer myself ;-) i like monsterleo’s best. i like the simple ones…
    what a nice way to get in touch with designers that crowdspring site.
    i’ll sure have another look overthere.

  6. Nr. 13 – Monsterleo is my favorite,
    the use of white, black and brown,
    the font is simple and elegant

  7. Hey, you Twit, thanks for adding me and introducing me to your ultra cool (that’s better than your average plain cool) blog and Twitter. Is that notice true? You cats get Quantum on Halloween? It’s not here until Nov 14

  8. @Moviequill : No we get Quantum on the 31st of October :) My tweet was about a program on telly about Bond tonight, including an interview with Daniel Craig :)

    @all others: MonsterLeo is popular among you! I like his design a lot too. There might come some more designs before Monday I will decide then. But it definitely helps with all your input, thank you very much!

  9. And another vote for the design of Monsterleo. I had picked out his designs as the ones I liked most before seeing that you gave them 4 stars yourself ánd before reading the comments here…

    I like the ones with no line around the oval best.

  10. I came across your website and noticed your crowdspring entry. I used crowdspring last month for my business and it turned out really well.

    I just looked at the submissions and I think number 88 has the most versatility. It really popped.

    I hope you find what you’re looking for.


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