A new logo

Just a quick update in list form:

  • Here is my new logo. I love it, it is simple with nice colours and it works well on both a dark and light background. I received 125 entries for this logo and must say that many of them were pretty bad, but there were a couple of them pretty good too. This one jumped at me the first time I saw it. It is designed by Jamie, I think she did a great job.
  • My short film has now a DoP attached. I had a meeting with her today, we went through the script to make a list of shots, and the storyboard I made a while ago really proved its worth. We simplified certain scenes and some scenes have just been hugely improved and are now funnier. (I hope!) The bad news is – for several reasons – we are moving the shoot to January. Yes it’s again a move ahead in time but I think things will be better for it. I also have seen head shots of two actors who are as much Dan as I can expect someone to be. Hopefully one of them will do it.
  • Three nights until the premiere of The Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig is everywhere now, in Sony commercials on the telly, on red London busses, on moving screens at underground stations, in radio and telly interviews, in newspapers, on covers of magazines and on my wall. Yep.
  • I am going to a tv-2 concert on Saturday and will meetup with some Danish people I haven’t seen for a while. I have been to around 80 concerts with them, and have not seen them since I moved to London more than two years ago. I wonder if their magic still works on me.
  • I planned my Christmas and New Year. I will spent Christmas with my mum and grand parents in the Netherlands, and New Year with sheep, dogs and my good friend in Ireland.
  • If you like Viktor the Vampire, the new trailer for Underworld is out. Mmm Viktorrr.
  • I wonder if I should do one of those xmas card exchanges again? OK, OK I will do the Xmas card exchange again! I will have a think about this year’s theme and post the official announcement in a few days.

11 thoughts to “A new logo”

  1. Thumbs up for the logo as well as for the Christmas cards. I’d like to sign up for it straight away. Hope tv2 still does it for you.

  2. I don’t know if you need another comment on this. However, I like your new logo (font, colours, design, everything). And, yes, me too, I am looking forward to the 3rd TGITC xmas card exchange…

  3. I’m so glad everyone is so receptive of the new logo! Thanks again choosing my design Ingrid. :) It’s been an absolute pleasure!

  4. Hi Ingrid

    Was looking forward to the TV-2 concert and seeing you again, but because the aircompany went bankrupt yesterday, I am not able to come. :o(

    P.S. Nice logo

  5. @Zazz I’ll do an exchange good traditions should be kept!

    @Jamie you’re welcome! Am very happy with it! :)

    @Lone I am so sorry you can’t make it! I can’t believe Sterling just went bankrupt like that! :( And worse that they don’t refund any plane tickets! Of course you will see tv-2 again but this is just surt show as they call it in Denmark :(

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