The this-is-not-an-xmas-card exchange now with bonus feature

I am looking forward to your cards already

We did it last year.
And the year before.

And we are going to do it again this year. Or at least I hope we will. Are you in?

For every card I receive from you this year I will donate £2 to Oxfam.

Sold out! (Unless 10 more people sign up then I will order more cards :)

I will design a brand new Girl postcard which I am going to have printed in a card shop in a special very limited edition. It is not going to be your typical Christmas card, there is no Christmas tree on it nor any other Christmas references. It’s probably going to be more of a New Year card to be honest, but I am not sure yet. It can be anything.

It will be a double card in full colour and there will probably be a quote of some sorts, you know the style. It is not going to be the image you see on the top of this post by the way.

Now, you want one of those extremely-limited-edition-due-to-be-a-collectors-item-cards won’t you?

Here is the deal.
I’ll send you one and the only thing you have to do is to send me a card back.

That’s easy – I hear you think.
I know, too easy!
That’s why I have one more rule:

Do not send me a Christmas card in return. NOT. Please. NOT. Really. NOT.

I want a card which shows something that you think will put a smile on my face. (If you are lost for inspiration – any picture of B. will do that)

There you go, I have said it.

So get creative. You can make one yourself or you can buy a card in the shop, just as long as it fits in the theme!

Some notes:

  • As an extra bonus feature – for every card I receive from you I will donate £1 to Oxfam. Because Eddy wants some more company.
  • The reason I announce this already now is because I have to order them not too long from now. The cards will of course not be send before somewhere in December so there is time enough for you to get creative or to start looking for the perfect card.
  • I won’t send you the card before somewhere in December. And please wait with sending yours until somewhere in December too.
  • I will first gather all addresses and will then send an email out with my address in it (might take a while, so please hang on!)

If you are up for it, leave a comment here and send me your addressI’ll send you a card and you will support the good work of Oxfam.

15 thoughts to “The this-is-not-an-xmas-card exchange now with bonus feature”

  1. I’m in :D you will recieve a card from Singapore but you can send mine to Denmark. Anyway, I will send my Danish address.

  2. One left eh?

    I’m up for the challenge. Maybe a card from Australia will give you a different perspective for a smile.

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