Wall-E - what do I know?

I know it has been a while.

Apart from a flu I also had some serious thought about closing the doors here for a while. I have no inspiration whatsoever at the moment. There is not much exiting to write about and it feels like the plot is seriously lost on this website. I also know I am stilled pissed off about my film crash and it somehow blocks me in writing a new script. I know I need to get over it.

But then …

… I received an email from a big Dutch publisher two days ago. They want to include one of my silly London poems in their English learning book for secondary schools. They offer me £21 for it, so no I won’t get rich. (If anybody out there knows if this is a fair price, please let me know).

But it made me feel good. Maybe I should push the whole film script writing aside for a while and concentrate on writing some poems again.

They tend to be short and it doesn’t take me that long to write them, so it might be a good way to get productive and writing again, even though it’s only small poems. So that’s the plan. A book full with London poems. Did I say book? Well who knows.

Things I have learned the last couple of days:

  • Prince Charles is a really nice man. He is clever and funny, good hearted and he does a lot of great work. I would not mind to live in a country where he is king. He turned sixty recently.
  • David Morrisey is going to be the next Doctor? A shame David Tennant leaves the series, but I look forward to see him in other productions (not the least 1939). He is a great actor. David Morrisey is not quirky enough if you ask me.
  • the Fallen. A three hour long documentary honouring the 300 British soldiers that have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I accidentally zapped into it. I think a lot of people get numb for the regular “British soldier killed in Iraq” line on the news. The documentary showed the parents, children, wifes and husbands, brothers and sisters and friends of the 300 “British soldiers killed in Iraq (or Afghanistan)” and how they coped with the loss of their dear ones. It was heart breaking and I cried a lot. I just saw the news and the next British soldier has already been killed.
  • I also saw Baader Meinhof Complex. Which was very shocking to watch. I remember I was kind of scared of the people of the Baader Meinhof group and also – Germany felt very close to the Netherlands all of a sudden. The film shows how the group started and how it all ended. Gripping.
  • And I learned that Colin Firth can dance a tango. And that that’s rather enjoyable to watch but it was not enough to save Easy Virtue from being another boring British film about class. Or the lack of it.

So – how have you been?

14 thoughts to “Hello”

  1. Thats a good thing, they love your poem.
    Make a book with poems and drawings that would be nice!!!I know for sure ;o-)

  2. £21/book would be a good price !
    Royalty in general pisses me of.
    But they do come in all shapes and sizes.
    My favorite is Juan Carlos from Spain.
    El rey tiene cojones!
    Remember “Porque no te callas?” !
    “Der Deutsche Herbst” was a bad time for democracy in Germany. Scary days back then, but so are the current days.

  3. Wait a sec, your film crashed? I must have missed that — I’m so sorry. I can empathize with how disappointment can suck the life out of writing for a bit.

    I took a blog break in August. That may be the thing to do…replenish those batteries!

  4. Great news about the poeems. Isn’t that typical, one door (almost) closes and the other one opens.
    People talk about Prince C. being the next king of England, but I don’t think he fancies the throne at all.
    It’s a pity David stops being The Doctor. In the last weeks I watched several other (much older) Doctor Who episodes and I think he is/was one of the best, but I can understand he wants something else. Did you see the teaser at the Children in Need-fund raiser last Friday?

  5. Go where the heart is best served, no point in doing things out of duty, that’s not your style is it? I am going back to a play next and funnily enough was flicking through some old poems the other day and wondering where that writer had gone… http://allenoleary.com/?p=88

  6. well, i for one would miss you if you just stopped posting but at the same time I understand blogging burnout, which is no fun whatsoever. Maybe keep the doors open, but let go of the pressure?

  7. Congrats on getting the poem published. Is there any way you could get someone to take on your cartoons for cards? I know it’s a busy market but every shop seems to deal in cards these days.

    I’m sure your film will get made, we shall all have to be patient.

    I’m not a Royalist and am afraid that Charles just annoys me.

    I don’t know if we shall get Easy Virtue at work or not. Some people have asked for it buat apparently it’s a Coward story and they have cut out all the Coward lines which kind of misses the point but Colin Firth is in it which is always a plus.

    My dear mother died last Friday after twelve weeks in hospital. They sent her to a nursing home on the Wednesday and she died on the Friday morning…(Good old social services). She was eighty-eight and much loved.

  8. Oh no Sue, I am so sorry to hear that! My deepest condolences :(

    Who cares about things like films and postcards when real life comes along like this, I hope you are OK.

  9. Thanks Ingrid, she had been suffering for three months so it was a blessed release.
    I’m fine but of course there is lots to be done at a time like this (forms, forms and more forms)

  10. Dear Girl In The Cafe,

    Take a break if you need one.
    Lick your wounds.
    Indulge in poem writing.
    But, please, leave the door to your blog open a crack.

    Here’s why (an “Elfchen” dedicated to Ingrid):


  11. Thanks for all the nice comments! I think some days away next week will be good but I will try to keep updating regularly here when I am back. (probably also from New York) I just need to find some new inspiration.

    @Zazz that is a wonderful “Elfchen”! Thank you ! :) I must try that format some time, it’s a bit like a Haiku.

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