This was the weekend where I

  • Discovered that New York, or rather Manhattan has a Little Red Lighthouse. Awesome. It’s on the list, and if the weather is reasonable I will go and visit it.
  • Discovered that New York has a lot of nice cafes. I am planning to visit at least two of them: City Girl Cafe and Peace and Love cafe, just because I love the names. But hope to visit more cafes. I also hope to visit the cafe from Serendipity. It was closed last time I was in New York, but will try again. I must also eat New York cheese cake somewhere. And cup cakes.
  • booked a lock smith for Saturday. He let me wait all day and in the end did not turn up but promised me to come Sunday evening. He didn’t! The bastard. Called another one and he did turn up. It gives me more peace of mind to go away for the week now that I know that our door lock is properly fixed. Wouldn’t want to come home and realizing that Billy Mac is missing.
  • saw Ghost Town for the second time. I love that film. Ricky Gervais (a dentist) is so funny in it, and the ending has such an original last lines:

    Gwen: It hurts when I smile…
    Bertram Pincus: I can fix that for you.

    A lump in your throat I can promise you. Catch this film it is warm, it is funny and it is set in New York! There are some beautiful shots of Central Park in it.

  • found out that Bill Nighy still rocks my boat and rules my world. Swoon and awesome.
  • Burned a hole in a shirt with the ironer. It was an eco shirt and I suspect that it wasn’t all 100% cotton after all! It was amazing – the ironer just melted holes in it! Shame as I loved that shirt.
  • Decided which books to take to New York. My New York guide book, I love this book it has a lot of pictures and loads of information and is very easy to read. Unmissable for any trip to New York, I bought it when I went there the first time and it has been a good investment. Apart from that a Kurt Wallander detective (can’t wait to see Kenneth Brannagh as Wallander, very soon to come on BBC) and a romantic novel, should I be in the mood.

How was your weekend?

7 thoughts to “This was the weekend where I”

  1. This was the weekend where :

    – I finally watched the rest of ‘Dan in real Life’
    – I had my own Dan moment
    – Drove my car in some stupid girl’s scooter
    – Watched ‘P.S. I Love You’ and actually liked Hillary Swank for a change
    – It snowed like crazy

  2. Yay – did you like Dan in Real Life?
    And what was your Dan moment? :)

    I didn’t see PS I love you, somehow I thought I wouldn’t like it! Too sentimental, was it any good?

  3. My weekend was very cold, with lots of wind and the first snow but it`s gone now.
    have a great time in NY, and take care !!

  4. I’m looking forward to the Boat That Rocked as I am old enough to recall listening to the pirates in the 60’s (I was a Radio London fan rather than Radio Caroline)and yes Bill still looks good.
    Looking forward to Wallander too now I am a bona fide Branagh fan after seeing him last year atthe Albert Hall and in Ivanov a couple of months ago.

  5. The first time I started watching Dan, I actually quit because awkward moments make me cringe, not laugh. But finishing it to quiet my curiosity, I laughed out really loud, cried like a baby and liked it a lot.
    My Dan moment ? I’ll tell you as soon as it doesn’t make me cringe anymore ;o)

    PS I love you isn’t sentimental at all. And that was probably the only thing missing. You have no clue where the story will take you which makes it refreshing for a sort of romantic film and I totally loved the supporting actors. I don’t think you’ll regret watching it.

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