Thanksgiving day in New York

A short New York report where it is cold but sunny.

Yesterday I did the circle line boat trip (from 42nd Street) around Manhattan, and I would say that it is definitely worth doing. The commentary is great, you will learn lots about New York, you will see the island from the other side with great views on all the high landmarks, the statue of Liberty (from close by) and we passed 20 bridges. We also passed the little red lighthouse, which saved me a trip going there, it looks cute, located under a huge bridge. Recommended this boat trip, it takes three hours.

Today is Thanksgiving day in the US. Most shops are closed, but there was the famous Thanksgiving parade going on in the centre of Manhattan. It was a long parade, and according to the news, thousands of people participated but the most impressive items where huge (and I mean huge) inflatables of well known characters like Snoopy, Shrek and Buzz lightyear. Quite entertaining to watch. Photos will come later.

The thing that is a little scary here at the moment is that there has been a terror threat on New York’s railway system. There is a lot of police on the stations, and let’s hope it remains a threat. I am not too worried about it.

Seeing as most people are eating turkey with their family tonight not much is going on in the city, but the cinema is open so I will go and watch a film.

Happy thanksgiving to everybody out there!

5 thoughts to “Thanksgiving day in New York”

  1. I don’t think you have too much to worry about re: terror threats. Hope you enjoyed the cinema and your vacation continues to be lovely.

  2. This post reminded me of how strange it is to experience other countries’ national holidays. Not strange in a bad way, just interesting. I lived in South America for awhile, and I remember walking down deserted streets, bemused until I someone told me it was their independence day. Or, the opposite: crazy street parties (this in Brazil) for every occasion. I’d have to be told: We’re celebrating democratic elections! We’re celebrating such-and-such soccer game! (Brazil was fun, needless to say.)

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