Four things that are better in London than in New York

Chubby Checker Hot Chocolate

Four things that are better in London than in New York:

  • The queue culture. There is no queue culture in NY and I so miss it when I am there, I love the built-in politeness of the British people.
  • The language. I am a sucker for the UK English language and prefer it over American anytime.
  • The London underground stations compared to the subway stations in NY. I feel more safe in London, and I also think there are more CCTV cameras over here.

    NY does have a better service (24 hours a day) and the subway trains are quite nice in NY but the seats are hard to sit on (anti vandalism I guess). I do love the newer NY trains which show you exactly where you are on a small map with blinking lights indicating the next station.

    Oh, the Oyster card does beat the MTA card on ease of use though.

  • In London what the pricetag says is what you pay in shops. In NY they always add tax to the price when you pay for your item and I still haven’t figured out how to calculate it, you never know what you end up paying.

Four things that are better in New York than in London:

  • The skyline. I never get tired of the Chrysler building by night nor of the view of any of the other impressive skyscrapers.
  • There is more water around. I love the Battery Park area with all the piers and the view on the Hudson river and the Brooklyn bridge. It feels like you are more away from the city than you do when looking at the Thames from central London.
  • They have Taco Bell. Yes, and yes before you start – you are probably going to tell me that Taco Bell food has nothing to do with Mexican food. Maybe you are right, but I love Taco Bell food. I wonder why there isn’t one in London!
  • I love the diners. I know there are some NY diner wannabees in London too but the ones in New York are best. And hey they have the New York cheesecake and the above Chubby Checkers Hot Chocolate. I mean, who can say no to that! (And I love that formica table)

So which city do you prefer?

7 thoughts to “Four things that are better in London than in New York”

  1. Between London and New York then London wins hands down every time. If you are talking about cool cities though then there is only one…..

    It begins with an ‘E’ and ends in an ‘dinburgh’.

  2. there used to be a taco bell around Earl’s Court in the early 90s. tiny weeny one, standing room only. not sure if it’s still there though.

  3. new york without a doubt. I love London, but the vibe is too “nuevo American”. I think London was better and more European in its hayday. New York, to me, says power, luxury, colorful, safe. London, to me, says no smiles, whiney and grey. I added the safe part to New York because in all honesty, people have a better chance of being mugged or raped or stabbed in London than they do in New York. London is currently undergoing New York’s past.

  4. but both are truly great cities. Only the British and the Americans could create such places. No where on earth are there cities that are more progressive and we should be proud on both sides of the pond. :)

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