The this-is-not-an-xmas-card exchange – last chance!

I am looking forward to your cards already

I have just spend most of the day in the office where I work to drink tea and listen to music, and oh to work on my card for 2008 and it is done! I am quite pleased with the result and have just send the order to the printer.

There is 1 card left available, so if you want one, read more here about the rules and send me an email if you like the idea. Sold out!! (Unless 10 more people signup then I will order extra cards!)

The people who are already on the list: the cards will arrive with me (hopefully) from the printer around the 20th of December so they will be with you earliest in the week after Christmas. Seeing as it isn’t a Christmas card anyway, hopefully that’s fine. And I will email my address to you somewhere next week. But please don’t send your card too far before Christmas, I am away from the 24th and would love to find them when I come home after New Year.

2 thoughts to “The this-is-not-an-xmas-card exchange – last chance!”

  1. Hi Ingrid.

    Jeg håber, at du har modtaget min tilmelding ?
    Vil du sende mig din adresse – så kommer der kort til dig fra Århus :-)

    Dorte xx

  2. Hi Dorte!! Yes I have you on the list. I am actually making a list of addresses of people I have to send a card too, and will also send out an email with my address!! I am working on it as we speak and I will send the email today! :)

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