The girl and the interview

The lovely Bloglily has published an interview with, ehrm, me about writing.

In stead of typing it in a long email I scribbled the answers in my notebook, took pictures of it and sent it to her, you can find all of it on her website.

It makes me realise that I really should start picking up my pen/laptop and get back into doing some actual writing soon. I miss the thrill.

9 thoughts to “The girl and the interview”

  1. Yeah, great interview! I love the comments of Lily’s readers on your way of doing it. And I love your desk and wall(-e). Did I spot something familiar on your pin board?

  2. I just went back to Lily’s site, the comments there are really nice indeed! Very nice people! :)

    @Zazz I had to check my pin board photo again, but yes, wow that’s really well spotted!!

    I cleaned up my wall a bit, and removed some of the flyers, it’s time to put some new ones up. Huge Bill overload on that pic by the way I now realise :)

  3. You haven`t done anything??? you make beautifull drawings and very nice answers, from my point of vieuw!!! but maybe I`m prejudiced ;o-)) have a nice weekend! XXX

  4. What happened to the railroad job?
    Did I miss something?
    Come to think of it, you never mentioned it anymore.
    Bill overload? you’re kidding

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