Why romcoms can be bad for your love life? Really?

Well that means I am pretty buggered. Even more so at this time of the year where I take in an overload of romcoms (how else to survive the Christmas time?).

You can read some of the article on the Daily Mail or in today’s paper version (which I happened to stumble upon at the tube station).

What’s next? Action Movies make you want to find your red Rambo head band?

Update: The BBC has picked up on it too. Hypocrites, I am sure they have scheduled all possible romcoms for the Christmas time, and Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest.

(Oh, oh, oh – the cards have arrived from the printer today! That means I will probably post them before Christmas which hopefully means they will arrive with you around New Year, depending on the speed of the post man.)

15 thoughts to “Why romcoms can be bad for your love life? Really?”

  1. What a load of cobblers! People usually watch rom-coms just to escape from the real stuff! Nobody honesty thinks Colin Firth is going to drop by out of the blue, do they???

  2. I thought romcoms were the only way left that we could deal with romance stories anymore – so they are VITAL!! The whole point of cinema is that it is elevated experience, duh.

  3. Oh balderdash – who comes up with this stuff? This could apply to any movie, tv show or any book for that matter. And what at about those of us who don’t have a love life? Romcoms fill the bill perfectly.

    … and speaking of Bill, I have a hunch you’ll be listening to him on your iPod a lot!!

    Thank you for your birthday wishes!! They are much appreciated… as was your postcard from NYC. What a surprise and lovely treat that was. You are a sweetheart!! Kate oxxo

  4. Darn! I have ruined my 12-year-old daughter’s future. Just because I have allowed her to watch “You’ve got mail” she will fall in love with an arrogant, ruthless racketeer who puts her out of business. Her whole future love life is endangered because I have let her watch “Notting Hill” and “Sleepless in Seattle”. Can anybody recommend a psychotherapist?

    [In the meantime we’ll watch “Rabbit without Ears” for the umpteenth time.]

  5. I have been waiting in the queue for under five items in the Marks & Spencers for what seems like whatever now – one day he will walk in, prince charming. Right? Because they told me so in the movie.

    @Kate you’re welcome :) Hope you had a good birthday!!

    @Zazz Rabbit without Ears is that a German romcom? Looks good on IMDB, would you recommend it? (I bet seeing as it’s the umpteenth time you saw it!).

  6. @Joachim That was quick; not even time enough to watch the whole film. Thanks!

    @Ingrid Yes, I think I can recommend it. Would you like to see the (only available) German version with English subtitles? I could send it to you together with my (non)x-mas card.

  7. @Zazz
    Where is the signup list?

    Where is TGITC these days, is she still moving across the globe?

    @everyone else
    tonight I will see Odette Toulemonde for the first time, wish me luck.

  8. hey all. im a guy btw. rom coms help me deal with emotions i normaly supressand hide due to a love (that i severely miss) that has unfortunatly moved on….screw the papers….i need a release somehow! bring on christmas lol

  9. @MrG: I watch them all the time (I write this with Pretty Woman on ITV2 in the background)! They are the only type of films I can watch over and over again (the good ones that is) and they are real feel good movies which can lift your spirit.

    Science and romcoms is a non starter.

  10. I don’t do Romcoms as a general rule but I think crap like this article is the most recent in a long line of studies which suck the fun out of life with meaningful statistics such as men who wear blue jumpers are more likely to get bowel cancer. Bah humbug.

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