Lighthouses, dogs, and Bill

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Some random bits before I leave for Christmas (which is not before Wednesday):

  • I need to buy a present for those two slime monsters. I am going to spent some days with them in Ireland after Christmas and I am sure we will be even better friends if I bring them a dog pressie. They are lovely dogs.

    The next week or two will be very dog filled as my mum is currently baby sitting my brother’s few months old chihuahua. They are small dogs but they are ubercute, actually (check out that heart on his back!). Maybe I should buy him a little gift too.

    I think it is fair to expect some dog pictures when I come back.

  • He grooves me out. And it’s a really great cause.
  • And what are those lighthouses doing there you wonder? I apologize, I am still in Illustrator mode. It will pass.

5 thoughts to “Lighthouses, dogs, and Bill”

  1. In many of your posts I have seen lighthouses and I think you are a big admirer. I’ll love to see those pictures.

  2. @Pedro – I know, but I can’t have a dog for many reasons. And they are cute – but they also tie you down. So I enjoy other people’s dogs once in a while which is good enough for me. :)

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