And then – the letter came

Life has its funny ways.

I am very busy at work at the moment, but in my head I am also busy thinking what I want to do in 2009. Today I found myself wandering the internet and I ended on different screen writing course websites. Maybe a course would get me back on track with writing. But will I ever be good enough at it?

My SweetArts script has been in my drawer for the last two months, after losing my producer I was sick and tired of it and I didn’t want to see it for a while. I am still not sure when and if I am going to pick it up again as the motivation isn’t there yet. I also need to find the right person to produce it and I don’t really know where to find him or her. I am also not ready to start searching just yet.

Going through my post yesterday I spotted an envelope with that distinctive and for me very recognisable hand writing. My heart skipped a couple of beats. I had not expected to hear from this person, not now where his schedule is packed and where he is in the middle of promoting, well, pretty big movies. Seeing as he is in them.

And before you start – no, he has no time to play Dan. I knew that when I sent him the script. But he wrote that he had read and enjoyed the script and if you are me – it doesn’t get any better than that. Here is the best line “I think it’s really good and think you should write more!”. (Did you notice the encouraging exclamation mark at the end of that sentence? It was really there, in the letter!) There were some more nice lines, but Davy won’t let me type those here.

I think this was the push I needed to get back to writing again. And which person would be more convincing in pushing me than him. Also, how nice is it to take the time to write when being so very busy? So yes, this is a perfect start of the year and he has managed to inspire me hugely, again. I am very thankful. I am honoured. I am ecstatic. And what a very nice man.

Extra bonus feature in the PS – he has told Richard Curtis about TGITC on tour and Mr. Curtis was thrilled about this project. That makes me even happier and with recent sign ups from Australia, Canada and Peru (!) the girl will continue her travel around the globe.

No more excuses. Back to writing it is, then!

14 thoughts to “And then – the letter came”

  1. Wow! That’s great news. An encouraging, hand-written letter from You-Know-Who. Him mentioning you and your project to Richard Curtis. I can imagine that you’re walking on air, your head in the clouds… :)

  2. Wauw, this is such great news, Go for it girl!!!!I know you can do it. I`m soooo proud of you ;o-))Your year could not started better, could it?

  3. I’m screaming here !! Wow ! My kids think I’m nuts now, but wow, this is something BIG.
    So get to work lady ;o)We are eagerly awaiting…

  4. Good news Ingrid! Now go back to doing what you do best; writing. And keep that smile:-)

  5. whee, back to writing it is for all of us, then. I know just what you mean…I received an email recently from one of my favorite writers who found herself on my blog and complemented my writing and it is ALL I needed…to 2009!

  6. Great news! What a wonderful way to start 2009. It’s going to be a good year… Happy New Year!!

  7. You know a lot of people aren’t even brave enough to get half as far as you have. What a great inspiration to carry on and reach that goal !

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