Bill Bailey, Defiance, scripts and cards

New York sky line from JFK airport
(Amazing view from the waiting area on the airport, it’s far away but the Empire State Building is so much higher than the rest)

Honestly what can you write after a post like the last one.
It’s far from as interesting, but this is the best I could come up with.

  • I saw Bill Bailey on Thursday and he was hilarious. I had seen one of his shows on the telly a while ago, but seeing him live is even better. The Gielgud theatre is also a nice size for a gig like this, not too big and I had a front row seat which was great. The show was both fun but also taught me a thing or two about the Brits. And he is a genius musician too.

    Here are some great Bill clips:

    TV Tunes (And let’s face it the BBC News does have an awesome tune)

    Texting (great)

    I’m english therefore I crave disappointment

    You can catch Bill in London until the 24th of January. Recommended.

  • After a long period of crap films in the cinema, there seems better times ahead. Today I saw Defiance with Daniel Craig which was great. There is Slumdog millionaire, Frost/Nixon, Milk, Valkyrie, Underworld (yeah ok but Bill is in it) all coming out in January. Good stuff.
  • And then there are the non-xmas-cards. I am starting to feel a tiny bit embarrassed and uncomfortable now because your cards are so much cooler and better and groovier than mine. And not only that, people have been sending me more than cards, ScraBill, DVDs, film cans, cups, sweet heart. I will take a photo when all cards is in and post it here. But Thank You seems a too simple a word.
  • After that letter I – I have decided to hand my feature film script to the BBC. BBC Writersroom is on tour and visiting London next Thursday, they encourage new writers to hand in their scripts so that’s what I am going to do. I might just do some final editing the coming days, but I will give it a go. Here is what they do: their script readers read the first 10 pages of your script. If they like it, it gets read completely and you will get feedback on your script. If they don’t like the first 10 pages nothing happens and you won’t hear anything. It’s free to send your script, I am not counting on anything, so let’s see what happens. I just feel that this script deserves a chance, and I have nothing to lose.

9 thoughts to “Bill Bailey, Defiance, scripts and cards”

  1. You are watching the same list as the members of The Academy lol.

    Bill Bailey just erased my bad mood completely so thanx for the links ;o)

    I can’t wait to see the cards. I bet they are all way better than mine and it’s a great theme to have a go at.

  2. I didn’t know who Bill Bailey was until I clicked on the first of your links. You are right: He IS hilarious. And I knew him before (just didn’t remember his name) from “Black Books”. Some time ago I stumbled across some episodes on YouTube. I think this series extremely funny. Makes me cry with laughter.

    As for the cards (and gifts): You definitely deserve all of it. Everybody seems to have so much fun following your blog. There’s no need to feel embarrassed. Besides, I like your card. The girl is so cute. Please, don’t change the concept, you have started a nice tradition.

    BBC Writersroom next Thursday? That’s pretty soon. And pretty cool. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. this is an easy one
    I second all comments made by Zazz
    Keep it going
    TGITC is great to take my mind off the things I’m thinking of otherwise

  4. Wait a minute, you know, EVERYBODY can hand in their scripts to the BBC :) So it’s not a big deal really, it gets a bigger deal if they actually read your whole script as that means that is doesn’t totally suck. But even then it doesn’t mean they buy it or something. I see it purely as a quality check and am not counting on them reading past page 10, anything more than that would be a result for me. :)

  5. They read your script until the end,after “the letter” I`m sure, good luck, I keep my fingers crossed ;o-)

  6. I happened to stumble upon this nice little short film on YouTube. I thought you might like it as much as I did:

    (And I am, obviously, also hoping that the Writersroom will read more than 10 pages of your script. There’s no such thing as too much constructive criticism, right? ;))

  7. @Zazz I didn’t know Black Books, but had a look at some clips just yet, seems like several British comedians are in it :) Even Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! Bill Bailey is one of my favourites though, he is just funny.

    @Michelle: must say – a lot of talking (too much in my humble opinion) in this short film – it feels more like a one act theatre play. It kind of made me zap away before the end! Will give it another go and watch it all the way through.

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