8 thoughts to “You know you live in Britain when …”

  1. Better to be safe than sorry.
    Would you prefer a pillow without a message that smells like a used nappy when opening the package?
    Customers like to be prepared and Pillows-R-Us don’t want people to complain about the new-pillow-smell on their new pillow.
    I wonder: Are there new pillows that don’t smell new?

  2. @Pedro:
    “I wonder: Are there new pillows that don’t smell new?”

    See that is exactly my point :) I expect not! Which is why I found this message on my pillow quite funny!

  3. Tell me what you want: The newness odour of new pillows is different from the newness odour of other commodities. I, for one, would have appreciated a label like this printed on MY new pillow. Only thanks to my husband’s persuasive power and his plea for patience did I not throw away my newly bought pillow right after unpacking it… ;)

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