BBC Writersroom and the Twelfth Night and short films


BBC Writersroom

  • I did attend the open BBC Writersroom event. And realised that it is very intimidating to see the competition. Loads and loads of people where there, all writers, all wanting to make it. Not good for self confidence.
  • I had to leave a bit earlier, so I don’t know what I missed at the end of the session, but in the part I did attend the BBC people explained what they were looking for in a script. It wasn’t a lot of new information – they are looking for things every producer looks for – well written, originality, interesting and likable characters, etc. It’s basically the stuff every screen writing book tells you.
  • I did not hand in my script. Wait, wait, I will post it to them today. Seeing as I had to sneak out before it ended I had no chance to hand it to them. But no worries, they did promise all of us that they read the first 10 pages of every single script they receive. They receive, are you ready for it, 10.000 scripts a year.
  • They also explained that they are just checking the quality of the writing of the script you send them and are looking for writers more than scripts. Very very seldom do they buy a script and make it into a film. If people have extraordinary talent, they might be contacted and educated. And a lot of those lucky people get to write on Eastenders, Holby City, Doctors. I don’t want to sound snobbish or anything, but I am not sure I could write for those series, as they don’t interest me at all.
  • I don’t count on anything, if they should happen to read passed the first 10 pages, that would be great, and I would have a script review by an experienced reader for free (it might take up to four months to hear if they read it or not). If they don’t read it – then so be it. If I want to improve my writing, I must pick up my pen and get on with it. Simple.

The Twelfth Night with Derek Jacobi

  • I didn’t quite remember that this was a Shakespeare play, I actually just blindly bought a ticket for this because Derek Jacobi was in it. After seeing him live on stage, I just had to see him in a full play.
  • I admit that in the first 10 minutes I was bored to death, and I promised myself “Thou shall not buy tickets to any Shakespeare plays again. Thou will be bored. Shakespeare is just not for thou”. Luckily this turned out to be a true Shakespeare rom-com! It was funny, it had a cracking cast and Derek Jacobi was absolutely great too, he is a great comic actor. The Twelfth Night turned out to be very enjoyable to watch.
  • And – there was this actor with insanely long lanky legs. I looked him up it was Guy Henry, 6′ 4″ (1.93 m)) That’s 5 centimeters taller than you know who. Yes. Obsessed. With. Actors. With. Long. Legs. However when in the play his hair was coloured blond, when I looked him up on IMDB I kind of lost interest. Didn’t like his hair. How weird is that!

Shorts and work

  • And then there seems to be happening quite a bit on the film making front. At work we are currently doing a project for the railway industry for which we have to make three short films (for teenagers about dangers and consequences of playing on or misbehaving on the railway) . I am currently planning film shoots in Wales where we will go a couple of days. So this is hopefully going to be a great chance to learn about production planning and working with and directing young actors. If I survive all this without making too many mistakes I will be happy, and have made three more short films. The films will be available to teachers to use in the classroom. (I did not write the scripts by the way).
  • Apart from the shorts, we will also film interviews with train drivers who have experienced vandalism, and worse.
  • And as if I am not busy enough yet – I have a meeting on Saturday with another film maker to see if we can come up with something for the (RED) film contest. I can’t promise anything but who knows. It’s a very tight deadline, seeing as it has to be entered in February, so there may not be time enough but I like the concept of (RED).

I will be very busy the coming months but I will try to keep this blog updated. Especially the film shoots are going to be interesting. And I have never been in Wales before either, they have an interesting language there. Willy-nilly.

12 thoughts to “BBC Writersroom and the Twelfth Night and short films”

  1. 10.000 scripts a year? For some reason I had imagined it would be more.

    Cool about the short films, even if the subject is very serious. It seems to be quite a problem. A boy died a week ago from climbing onto a freight train and touching the power lines.

  2. I can’t even begin to understand how much effort it is to process 10.000 scripts!

    And yes it’s a serious subject, but the films won’t be depressive. And as you say – it is quite a problem with kids getting playing/messing about and therefor getting accidents on the railway, so it’s a good cause.

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