Mr. Groovy on Leicester Square

Bill on Leicester Square, Valkyrie premiere - floppy hair is cool

I really wasn’t going to go. I don’t like big crowds like that, and I have been so busy all week I just wanted to go home and relax with a cup of Yorkshire tea, right. Right? And that other part of me thought, yeah, and tomorrow you will think – why didn’t I go? Even a glimpse of a tiny bit of his lanky left leg really would have been worth going, right. Right. Yep. So I went. And I was very late, and there was this huge crowd. And I saw Tom Cruise (who again was very nice to his fans). And I did indeed saw Bill’s back very very far ahead of me. And he wasn’t coming our direction.

Right then, that was that, going home now. Come on, we’re going. Maybe we could just try to get a tiny little bit closer? No we don’t. But my other half walked to the complete opposite side of the square, walked through a pub whose other exit happened to be located exactly behind the cameras filming interviews with the actors of Valkyrie (how lucky was that). And who was standing there, about 12.42 meters in front of me giving an interview? Indeed.

Did I have a proper camera with me? No. Of course not, I wasn’t going, remember. So those paparazzi grainy ones are taken with my small pocket camera which doesn’t do a pretty good job in the dark and with maximum zoom. So this is the best I could do, and I apologize for the bad quality. He really did look beautiful.

I am glad I went though, he is so bloody groovy and seeing him in real life just made my, well, year, actually.

I look forward to Valkyrie (Eddie Izzard was around too) actually, not only because of Bill, it just sounds like a great story. It premieres tomorrow in London. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I would have had a ticket for a screening tomorrow on the big screen in the Odeon. But – I have promised my good friend (as big a Bill-o-holic as I am) that we will see Valkyrie (and Underworld:Rise of the Lycans) together next weekend in Devon, so somehow I need to focus on not accidentally ending up in the cinema watching it! Which is going to be a major challenge! Do not encourage me! Distract me.

(Bill and Eddie interview here and very cute pic of Bill and Eddie here)

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  1. Would love to, but I tried to distract you from going to see the movie. I have to admit, it wasn’t a very good try ;-)

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