I love shortbread, actually

I heart shortbread

Passing the baker on my way to work (yes on Saturday!), my eye fell on this heart shaped one. I am glad I live in an area where we still have a real baker. Even though they are not open on Sundays like they were in Denmark, real bakers are the best.

But clearly I had to get one of those, erhm ….
“I want one of those heartshaped ones.Is it a Jammie Dodger?”
Of course it wasn’t. This was just a normal heart shaped shortbread the baker told me.
He did have really big Jammie Dodgers though, he said. And they looked scrummy too, maybe next time.
I told him that the whole British cookie – biscuit – shortbread-Jammie Dodger-cake-scone tradition still is beyond me. It feels like you need a university degree to become a baker, just to learn about all those different type. He thought that was funny.

What would we call a cookie/biscuit like this in the Netherlands I wonder?

And I really need to plan a proper afternoon tea in London one day. Just to indulge in all this sweetness.

6 thoughts to “I love shortbread, actually”

  1. Your baker tries to start Valentine’s Day early this year.
    The ingredients are the same as in a ‘zandkoekje’ or ‘zandgebak’.

  2. The link to Valentine’s Day had not even stroke my mind! Of course, that’s probably why he is selling them. I will check if he still has them after the 14th :) Zandkoekje, that’s it!

  3. Thank you, Ingrid, for recommending Ghost Town. I just watched it and want to watch it again, it was so sweet. It’s okay to cry, and the laughs made up for it.

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