And then the winter came

When I came home from Devon last night, London looked white. This morning I woke up to even more snow, which caused all buses to be cancelled, the tube came to a halt, lots of trains cancelled, airports struggling (Heathrow is closed), schools are closed, and children are having the time of their lifes playing in the snow. It is a beautiful day in London. I am forced to work at home today, but I will have to go for a walk around lunch, as this much snow in London is a seldom event.

Davy 'Snow' Jones

Davy 'Snow' Jones

Snow in London

View from my window

Snow in London (Pimlico)

Is there any snow where you are?

(More snow is to expected in London)

8 thoughts to “And then the winter came”

  1. Here in Den Haag there’s just the odd snowflake tumbling down in the middle of stuff that looks more like rain or hail.

    No chance on anything like snowmen here today I’m afraid.

  2. The snow is awesome outside but I am holding together the customer service department where I work as my manager couldn’t get the bus from St Neots to Bedford (it’s like a 30 minute trip by car normally)

    There are at least 2 kids in the building who came in with their parents because school has been closed and there is no childcare facilities.

    I was supposed to be going to see Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist tonight. i’m not sure whether to now :(

  3. Only drizzle. Not that I mind. We had snow for 10 days, the -15 degrees killed my car and we were pretty fed up with ploughing through every day…
    But it looks lovely on Sky News ;o)))

  4. Just a little spindrift in the south of Holland.
    Wish I was in London with a mug of hot chocolate in my hand.
    Merry (early) Christmas :-)

  5. See my LJ for photo from my house. About 6 inches I’d say and more coming! I like it for a day but I hate to drive in it so hope it goes promptly.
    Love the snowman. My son said the snow was too soft for snomen (but I think that’s an excuse not to make one when you are 18!;))

  6. Should London have ground to a halt?

    Britain ground to a halt this morning as the transport systems lack of operational competence and depth was once again cruelly exposed. Speaking at a press conference in Downing Street, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: “We are doing everything in our power to ensure services, road, rail and airports are open as quickly as possible, and we are continuing to monitor this throughout the day.”

    PS; As always, great photos.

  7. To be honest and fair – we are not living in a Scandinavian country here and this amount of snow very rarely happens in London. So I get kind of tired of people moaning about why London is struggling. I would rather have a day like today than pay more council tax because we need to invest in snow ploughs or whatever to be prepared for snowfall that only happens about every 20 years! :)

    So my take on this is – enjoy the snow while it lasts! :)

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