Built a snowman – the results

When you finally get snow in the UK, you have to make a snow man. So I challenged my friend in Devon to do the same thing and send in photographic evidence.

The above one is the one I made this morning. Lucky I took a picture of it as it has already been trashed and is meltedaway ! But yes – that is really my sock on the top of his head!

And this is a mobile phone shot of the heart covered Devon snow man.

Did you make a snowman? If so please place a link to your image (flickr, twitpic, blog where ever it may be) in the comments and show it to us!

12 thoughts to “Built a snowman – the results”

  1. I`m soooo jealous, no way we can built a snowman, no snow over here, enjoy as long as it last ;o-)

  2. I love your HIV awareness snowman. Maybe the next one (in case of more snow) can have a Lance Armstrong Live Strong bracelet ;o))
    Did you now that the women with ovarian cancer are actually really annoyed that ‘their’ ribbon is teal-colored. They think red and pink is way cooler….

    Enjoy the snow while it lasts !!

  3. In these day, weather is very cold in Italy as well, I am there. It is very hard to suffer all that but I always wait for ice to make that snowman. It is really a fun.

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