Say Yes more and No less

Organic Coke

  • No: I am OK with Organic food, but this “Sparkling Delicious organic Cola” is not Sparkling and as far from Delicious as it can be, it is the worst tasting cola I have ever tasted. So that’s a no. Never again. Yuk.
  • Yes is what I said to a Tweatup (Twitterers eat and meet up) last Saturday. This meant that I had a late but great lunch in a great Indian restaurant in East London last weekend. I had never been in that area before, and I have never tried Indian food like this, it was like the Indian version of tapas. Very recommended!
    Vijay’s Chawalla
    268-270 Green Street, Forest Gate,
    E7 8LF London

    (Tube: Upton Park)

  • On Wednesday I have said yes to a pop quiz in a pub in Soho with 3 (that’s 3 the mobile phone company). Pub/Pop quizzes are so typical British, I have never really been to one in a pub before, so in stead of declining I am going. I can always leave if it turns into a big drink fest. I will report back on how it was, I consider it a part of my British education. And apart from that, there is always a chance that I pick up some inspiration for future writings.

    And I am generally going to say yes more. I won’t go as far as becoming a Yes Man, but I think I need to push myself a bit and go and do some things that I have not tried before.

  • And phew – I have a first serious response on my flatmate ad (that’s for the flat where I currently live). I will be away this weekend, but will hopefully meet with her soon after the weekend. She sounds promising!
  • And as you might have noticed, the coffee cup is gone, I was so tired of it. I went back to a more minimal look, and finally feel the logo looks right in this design. I will have a proper spring cleanup in the sidebar soon too. For now it has to do? Like it?

What new things have you tried (or are going to try) recently?

9 thoughts to “Say Yes more and No less”

  1. Roganic coke? It’s made out of apple juice, orange juice concentrate and barley malt and a pinch of cola nut.No, I don’t believe it’ll ever work. If you’re hooked on P. of C.Cola it’s a lose-lose situation. Maybe you should try the other flavours?

    Pub Quiz? Reminds me of an episode of ‘The Thin Blue Line’ with Rowan Atkinson. Great.

    Good news on the flatmate. Is she a production manager by any chance?

    New layout? I mentioned it in my comment yesterday.

    New things? I’ve convinced my old laptop to work with Ubuntu instead of Windows. It works like a charm.

  2. Like the logo.
    I haven’t drunk coke for about 35 years so am not going to start now!
    New? Not a lot although I am trying to learn Italian in time for our first trip to Italy (Venice) in April.

  3. Hi,
    In Germany the organic drink is called Bionade. Appropriate name, considering it tastes like watered-down cough medicine.

    I’m here thanks to the comment you left on mine the other day. Just wondering which restaurant in East London you’re raving about? We get to your city as often as we can.

  4. I like the new logo, looking forward to the spring cleanup.

    Something new? I’ve signed up for an ‘Anatolian Cooking’ course; two evenings in April. Just for the fun of it.

  5. @pedro: you are such a nerd! Is ubuntu a version of unix?

    @grigorisgirl: Italian, wow! Did you ever see the Danish film “Italian for beginners” (if you are on Lovefilm or so it is available with English subtitles)? It is great, really recommend it!

    @Ian: thanks for stopping by :)

    Here is the address of the Indian restaurant:

    Vijay’s Chawalla
    268-270 Green Street, Forest Gate,
    E7 8LF London

    (Tube: Upton Park)

    @Zazz – Anatolian cooking!! That sounds good to me, I love Turkish food :) Good luck with that am sure it is enjoyable!

    It is very nice to hear what new things people are trying :)

  6. Yes, I like the layout with the new logo.

    And this year so far I’ve aten Japanese ànd with chopsticks for the first time in my life.

    And I’ve been to a concert in Het Paard van Troje in Den Haag for the first time, standing in a crowd (which I’m usually a bit scared of).

  7. Hmm I like the new design – makes me wonder about a redesign *sigh*.

    I often say about the place I work everyone should be given 5 cards with the word No on them – then made to use them wisely in the year ahead. It’s often our first reaction and rarely the right one if we think about it…

  8. Is starting a job as manager something new ? It scared the hell out of me, so I think it should count ;o)
    I only drink First Choice Decaf Diet Coke, we call it loodvrij in Holland and Blyfry in Denmark.

    I love your wallpaper. Really don’t miss the cup.

    Spring’s here and I hope it’s in Exmouth too !! Enjoy your weekend.

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