The hunt for the perfect flat(mates)

When doing some thinking this weekend about this i suddenly had an epiphany (I love that word, I learned it from Billy Mack in Love Actually). I suddenly realised that if I really wanted to find a place to live with nice flat mates then why didn’t I seriously go and look for it? Duh.

So yesterday I put in an ad on some find-a-flatmate websites, and this morning my inbox was flooded with room offers. Seeing as I am not in any hurry, I am going to be really picky and I only say yes to the perfect room in a flat share with really nice people who adore Bill. OK – but I was serious about the really nice people.

Most rooms I get offered are not suitable.

  • are too far away (further out than zone 2)
  • are too expensive (I still want to be able to go on holiday you know)
  • are not near a tube station (a must, no discussion about that)
  • are inhabited by 22 year old students (no way Jose, I want to live with people my own age)
  • look like being on the set of Life on Mars (as in decorated in the style of the 70’s – orange, brown and carpet on the floor – yuk)
  • are in areas I really don’t want to live because I wouldn’t dare to walk home alone at night if I did

But as it looks now I have two potential flats that sound good:

  • one in Fulham (nice people it seems, close to cinemas, my favourite cafe, tube (3 lines), the river and easy to get to work from there) which I will visit tonight
  • one around the corner where i work (Notting Hill, Westbourne Park) which is pretty central too and looks like a very nice room too, I will visit this room tomorrow

I am really not going to count on getting offered any of the above two rooms, they both get lots of viewers and they pick the people they like best or I might not like the rooms when I see them. If I don’t get any of the above two I will continue my search in a relaxed way. If i do, I might move before I was able to say Indiana Jones.

I also have two people who are going to have a look at the spare room in my flat, one comes tonight, the other on Thursday. They both sound nice, so hopefully one of them takes it, even though I might not be living with them for very long.

Why am I writing this post you wonder? Just to let you know that if you want something, you have to go and do something to get it. Sometimes life really is that simple.

3 thoughts to “The hunt for the perfect flat(mates)”

  1. I have to get caught up on your life ~ I’ve missed out on your search for a flatmate. It is often that simple ~ sometimes it is just hard to take that first step.

    I love the way your blog looks, Ingrid. Enjoy your weekend ~ hope you see some good movies!

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