My new address

One Love Lane, London

OK not really, but this must be the coolest address in London. (It’s in the City of London)

I found a new flatmate for the place I currently live, she will move in by the end of March. I put my search for another place on lower priority. After having seen a couple of rooms in different places I realise that I live in a pretty nice room. I’ll keep an eye open for a great place but there is no rush.

2 thoughts to “My new address”

  1. That is an amazing address. I can see it appearing in one of your films some day! Thanks for telling me what a pharologist is ~ I’m glad to hear that you have a new flatmate and can put looking for the perfect flat on hold.

  2. Thats a cool address!

    We put our second offer in on a house on Saturday Morning. I’m dying to know if we were accepted (though I think if we’ve been declined I might cry…lots!) lol.

    It’s good news about the flat mate – not so much about the boiler though.

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