Two days in Paris

TV-2 in Paris

How to be impulsive and try something new in six easy steps:

  1. Read on facebook (and yes I want to be your friend too – I am known as Ingrid M van Vliet, the M standing for mad) that TV-2 (danish band extraordinaire) is playing a concert in Paris.
  2. Admit that taking the Eurostar train from London to Paris has long been on your todo list and that this might be a perfect reason to book it, like, now.
  3. Book a ticket for the TV-2 concert in ELYSEE-MONTMARTRE, Paris.
  4. Book your Eurostar ticket and realise that it is only 2 hours and 20 minutes from London St. Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord by train! Make sure to reserve a window seat.
  5. Visit, search for “cheap hotel Gare du Nord, Paris”, read reviews from other travellers, pick a hotel and book it. Realise after you booked it that the hotel is located on Rue de saint Quentin which put a smile on your face.
  6. Start looking forward to the trip and promise yourself to do things like this more often.

Voici, c’est simple!

19 thoughts to “Two days in Paris”

  1. Arrh Ingrid – je t’envie. Si seulement c’etait moi … Bon voyage :)
    Anne :)

  2. Oui, c’est vraiment simple.

    Actually, I have booked train tickets to Paris and a hotel near Gare de l’Est (which is near Gare du Nord, too) for 2 nights in April. With better timing we could have met for a glass of champagne (or Perrier).

  3. oui, simple… mais: comme ‘bonjour’ ;-)

    and what a coincidence! yesterday we decided to visit paris again this year (hopefully without strikes in the metro) ánd also london.

    put your tripadvisor in my favorites!

  4. @Olive: tripadvisor is so brilliant. Make sure to check out their “Best things to do” section for any place you intend to visit. The Paris one is here:

    And I am quite sure I am going to do one of the recommended biking trips, sounds really great to me.

    They are also great for hotel recommendations (from real people :) , I found my hotel in Beijing on that site, and found a lot of useful info when I did my Trans Mongolian train trip too.

  5. @annerie: I’ll do my best for a very nice Paris phoku! :)

    @grigorisgirl: I think that pic is of a fast moving Danish train and I don’t believe that they will come by train. I will be impressed if they do :) (their latest album sis very train themed though and they actually played a concert on a driving train in Denmark – pretty cool!)

  6. I haven’t seen much more of Paris than the obligatory day excursion in secondary school… I should definitely visit again for a long weekend or so.

    (By the way – isn’t Paris nicknamed the City of Love?) ;-)

    That Facebook link doesn’t seem to work.

  7. @Marieke – you are right, the facebook link does not work at all, you have to find me by name I guess.

    And yes Paris is nicknamed the city of love, and I haven’t been there since secondary school either! I am not that drawn to it but seeing as it is so easy reachable from London and this concert taking place there, I thought I might as well give Paris a second chance :)

  8. Ingrid, I don’t have a list of things-to-do-in-Paris yet. I was this vague longing that made me book the trip because I haven’t been to Paris for a while. I still have plenty of time to come up with a plan; trip is scheduled for April 16 – 18.

    Yes, please, leave me a sign when you’re there, hopefully it will still be traceable in April. What a funny idea! (Do you think there is a place in Paris where you can leave something undetected for more than a fortnight?)

  9. @Zazz: I have done it before, I hide a postcard under a stack of books in a museum shop in London (when I hadn’t moved here yet) :) It got picked up the week after by a friend who visited London from the US. So yes, I am going to try and find a good place and will let you know! :)

    @David: thanks for that link, very useful!

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