Cameras, cancelled moves and the coast

Just a small practical anouncement: I am not moving to Notting Hill. I removed the previous post, I am not getting into any details, it is just not going to happen. Not now anyway, I will keep my eyes open for other chances.

I bought a new pocket camera, a Panasonic T4. It replaces my Canon Ixus, a camera I have never been happy about. The Panasonic is small enough to fit in your pocket, has 10x zoom and I have been giving it a test drive the last couple of days.

Both in London, and today on a trip to the Eastbourne coast. It did remarkably well. The built in image stabilization really works well and I haven’t been able to get shaky pictures yet. That’s something new after the Canon. Click on the images for the full size!

St. James's Park
Daily morning tube station on my way to work

And the new art work in front of the Channel 4 building. I like the colourful umbrellas. They had to repair it after a windy day, some of the umbrellas didn’t survive.

Tiny People
Low tide near Beachy Head with two tiny people walking around on the sand. Looks a bit like the fjords in Norway from here.

Beachy Head light house
Still one of my favourite lighthouses in the UK

Beachy Head light house
because of it’s great location

Beachy Head light house
in front of the white cliffs (Spot more tiny people on the top of the cliffs)

Beachy Head light house
and in the water.

3 thoughts to “Cameras, cancelled moves and the coast”

  1. Nice pictures!
    Which model Canon Ixus do you have?
    I’m interested.
    How much do you want for it?

  2. I’m sorry it didn’t work out with the move, but your still comfy in your old room, right ;o)

    Love the pictures, you can really see the difference.
    Both my phone (cybershot 5.0 camera) and my camera have loads of programs, but I always pick automatic, because I’m to lazy to read the instructions lol.

  3. @Joachim – an Ixus 60. You can buy one for a couple of quid on eBay really. So if they are really worth that little I might just keep it.

    @Annerie – am totally fine in my old room. This new cam is also an automatic camera. I still love my Nikon D80 for the non automatic work though, but I don’t always feel like dragging it around as that one does not fit in my pocket :)

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