A slide on the street

Imagine the following scenario.

You walk to work. A woman on slightly high heels walks in front of you. She slips on the curb and ends on her bum on the street.

Two things to think about here:

If this would happen to you (as in you ended on your bum on a busy morning traffic London street), would you like it if people stopped and asked you if you were OK? Or would you rather have everybody to shut up, pretend to yourself that nobody saw you make the fall and get on with it?

If you were the person seeing it happening (as in me this morning) would you ask the person if she was alright even though you probably know that she would rather have you to bugger off without saying anything?

I asked if she was OK. And she said “Hi Hi HI – I am fine, I am fine”. And quickly walked off.

3 thoughts to “A slide on the street”

  1. I would have asked if she was OK – I once fell in the street and everyone pretended it hadn’t happened. This was not good – I was in pain and could have done with some help back to the car.

  2. I always ask people if they are OK. If she says OK and is young then I’d walk on but if they were elderly I’d suggest they waited a moment before they got up and see how they were. (Of course I realise that I am probably viewed as elderly but then again I wouldn’t wear high heels!;)

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