Two kisses …

You know how it goes with film premieres and me. I never really want to go but I always end up going. And they always start out bad and then they tend to end, well, better. Sometimes they end great, and sometimes they end like “wow”.

Did I just say “wow”. Oh yes, wow doesn’t even get close. And I know I am too old for this shit, but bugger that. Today will be a memorable day. This was the premiere of The Boat That Rocked.

And be warned, there are images of that man inside.

So yes left late from work, busy tube train. And the first obstacle was a tube train stand still at Oxford Circus. Something had happened along the Bakerloo line and we were just standing there waiting for any further instructions. And I thought – yeah typical – might as well go home right away then.

But you know me, I didn’t go home. Because the thought of missing a chance to see him, even from far away or from behind or a tiny bit of his left leg – well it would be worth it.

Leicester Square had turned into a 60’s Discotheque with girls dancing on scenes and djs and great great music (without a doubt music from the soundtrack).

I asked one of the guys with a signature book if he had already arrived. He had he told me, and he didn’t have time to stop for signatures. Right, missed him then, I thought.

Walked a bit further and suddenly saw him standing quite a bit away, but recognisable in the middle of the square (the square was of course closed for all us mortals) being interviewed. My superzoom to the rescue – and here he is.

And I thought cool!! Mission accomplished! He looked great. He danced around a bit when they played the Stones through the speakers. And my day – could not get any better!

So I watched the interviewers for a bit.
Most of the cast of the film was there: Ken Brannagh, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost And Richard Curtis of course, screen writer extraordinaire and director of the film. And Paul McCartney was there too! And they all came down the stairs. As did, eventually, Bill!

And he started to write autographs on the wrong side of the carpet.

But worked his way around and got closer.

And closer.

And suddenly he stood there right in front of me. And I didn’t even have a piece of paper for him to autograph on so I just started mumbling and thanked him for reading my script. And it took a split second – but then came this big smile of recognition and this instant hand and before I knew it, wait a minute – did he just kiss me on both cheeks right there, on Leicester Square?

Well, ehrm, my brain is a bit frazzled now but I am pretty sure – he did! And we exchanged a few sentences as he had to run into the cinema but he was kind and so charming and friendly and he is just the coolest man on the planet.

And I am sorry Lorenzo, but game over – this is a clear win for him now. Because this was better than paper ones, I can guarantee you that!

(Update: here is the man in a video interview on BBC – he is such a Brit and like a schoolboy sometimes (wait until you hear what he says in the end)

9 thoughts to “Two kisses …”

  1. If a moderate success (let’s hope for better), how long will it be in theatres I wonder? I’m arriving in London in late April for a holiday. Hoping it’s still playing then.

  2. @Alice – I don’t quite grasp it happened yet :)

    @grigorisgirl – this is going to be a hard one to beat I can tell you. Is there anything else I would like to accomplish in life? Nah :)

    @Greg – it will be released in the US in August, should you miss it.

    @Annerie – He *did*!! Bloody awesome that was. View from cloud 9 is Billiant, I think I will stay here for a while :)

    @Pedro : You got it! At least!

  3. Oh, I need to see “The Boat…” IN London, not my San Francisco hometown, where it will mean little to the audience, except as some vague Austin Powers-type chapter. No, you folks need to keep it in theatres for a good 3-4 weeks, if you please.

  4. I would have been on cloud 11 or higher if he had kissed me. I love Bill Nighy!! He is such an attractive man.

    I first saw him in “Love actually”. Billy rocks!

    Wish you many of these “encounters” with Bill.

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