New Boy, Trafalgar Studios – London and Paris preparations

New Boy

The story is a bit wobbly here and there but what great performances of especially Nicholas Hoult (from About a Boy with Hugh Grant/Skins) and Gregg Lowe. It’s refreshing to see great young actors like these, the future of British stage and theatre is looking good.

The play is both funny and serious (without ever becoming too serious) and makes for an enjoyable night out.

I can only highly recommend you to catch it, but it seems so popular that the complete run has already sold out. It’s performed in a very small (but intimate) theatre, and deserves to be extended, and maybe even moved to a bigger theatre.

I just checked my hotel booking for Paris and saw that I have booked a Superior Single room. I wonder what Superior means in this case.

And I prepared a quick Paris map. The camera icons are places I might go to snap some photos. And if you are wondering what the snow flakes are: Ice cream shops, don’t underestimate the importance of those.

And I know there is a lot of talk going on about Google Streetview, but thanks to the genius of it, I just checked out the front of my hotel···, so I know what it looks like (and what to look for) when I arrive. I also checked how to get there from Gare Du Nord, which turns out to be easy peasy as it is right opposite the station. And there is an Italian restuarant right beside it, handy!

I think that is all the preparation I need. Now I just need to pack and catch the train Saturday morning.

10 thoughts to “New Boy, Trafalgar Studios – London and Paris preparations”

  1. Just checked the map and your hotel location. Would it not be for the time shift, we’d be so close… Tell me if you can recommend the Italian restaurant.
    By the way: Centre Pompidou will be on my list, too. ;)
    Have a save trip and enjoy your stay!

  2. It`looks that you are going to have a great weekend, have a save travel and a very good weekend.

  3. wish we looked at google street view two years ago. the picture from our hotel on boulevard clichy, near place pigalle, looked o.k. (there’s a whole bunch of TIM-hotels in paris)
    irl it was neighboured by two sex shops LOL
    now i know why there was onluy a small picture of the front of the hotel on the website…,2.327986&sspn=0.006944,0.032272&ie=UTF8&ll=48.882074,2.336376&spn=0.003471,0.016136&z=16&msa=0&msid=112497994354584572028.000464b890788e76200de&layer=c&cbll=48.882457,2.33669&panoid=uwJARtAMjhaeN5Zt7rLfWg&cbp=11,247.8064525418573,,0,-44.06914893617022

    (hmm… i dont know if that link works)

  4. I live in the States and have never gotten to Europe, must travel vicariously, for now. Am looking forward to detailed posts from your travels!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    @Zazz I will report back where I leave the card :)

    @Olive: the link worked! Sexodrome even – that sounds serious :) But seriously – Google maps is so so handy, especially now where you can download the maps to your phone. It’s brilliant.

    @Eileen: I will do my best to take some decent photos and to write up a report. :)

  6. Thanks to Eileen I have learned a new word today: vicariously.
    Wonder if there is any relation to vicar.
    Anyway it occurs to me that in my life I have done a lot of things vigorous vicariously. Je te souhaite bon chance à Paris.

  7. Vicarious vigor, indeed!

    Ingrid, interesting that you will be in “La Ville-Lumière” during Earth Hour this evening. Will there be observance in theatres and concert halls?

  8. @Joachim – I had to look up vicariously too :)

    @Eileen – I have missed the complete Earth Hour event so I couldn’t tell you if it have been respected in Paris. I am pretty sure we rocked on throughout the Earth Hour.

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