The Boat That Rocked – review

The Boat That Rocked

And finally finally it was the day where The Boat That Rocked entered the harbours of London. The anticipation was high, this was after all a Richard Curtis movie with Bill Nighy in it. A winning combination, right?

(Very right, as I have seen it three times now and it isn’t over yet)

OK, first the less good:

The story line of The Boat That Rocked is a bit all over the place, and there are some obvious plot holes here and there. There are a couple of moments where I wondered – how the heck did we get here?

It’s not a rom-com, so don’t expect something like Love, Actually or Notting Hill. Hugh Grant isn’t in it (which is not a bad thing!), it’s about men, pirate radio dj’s, a lot of them, and it is set on a boat. It wouldn’t be Richard Curtis if there wasn’t any romance at all though, so there is a wedding (and Bill’s the man to wed them), and there is quite a lot of lovvve on board too. As is some nastiness. But there are many cast members and it is feels like some characters are underdeveloped, so I was actually thinking how fantastic it would have been if they had made this as a tv-series in 6 parts because there is this cracking cast and I wanted to spent more time with all of them and get to know them better.

But it is such a fun and feel good film that you will have to go and see it anyway.

Here is the great:
The cast
Blimey what a dream cast this is. There is Bill Nighy as Quentin (the boss of Radio Rock), Kenneth Brannagh (who I absolutely love after Wallander and who plays Bill’s enemy – the minister who wants to shut Radio Rock down), Philip Seymour (who is such a versatile actor and great as The Count – the US dj on board). And there is Rhys Ifans (Spike from Notting Hill), Rhys Darby (who I thought would annoy me but he was quite funny), Nick Frost (very very funny) and Jack Davenport (POTC).

I feared that the male cast on board of a ship would lower themselves to flat humour and not funny jokes, but they didn’t! There were a lot of very funny moments, there were a couple of moments even where I had trouble keeping myself from crying but it is just mainly a bighearted fun story.

And what’s not to like about Bill Nighy, dressed in a funky velvet suit with a paisley patterned shirt and a silk scarf – shaking a leg on Rolling Stones music? That man (double the age of most of the other cast members) outgrooves them all. By a mile.

And Kenneth Brannagh can do comedy! Can we have much much more of him please?

The soundtrack
Woweee, what a soundtrack! You could turn off the visuals completely and just listen to soundtrack for two hours and still be a completely happy person. I must buy it.

The film is about two hours long and I really do recommend you to see it. The cast and music greatly make up for some story flaws and you will leave the cinema with a big smile on your face, humming bits of the sound track – rocking your socks.

In fact, I am going to see it again tonight. (Update: I did, and there is no doubt I have seriously fallen in love with this film now – it’s great)

I believe that you and me last forever
Oh yea, all day and nighttime yours, leave me never
The only time I feel alright is by your side
Oh I want to be with you all of the time
All day and all of the night
All day and all of the night
Oh, come on…

[Rating: 5/5]

13 thoughts to “The Boat That Rocked – review”

  1. We are going to show this for three nights at work in May. Not sure if we have the audience to fill it for that amount of time but we couldn’t get it for less. Mind you our audience is mainly over fifty so there should be quite a few people who remember the pirates with fondness.
    As long as the music is good and Bill and Ken are in it I’ll be there.

  2. They must be target audience for this film! The music in the film is awesome.

    And Ken is brilliant in this film, as is Bill. The rest of the cast are musch younger but those two thesps hold their own. Oh there is a very small role for Emma Thompson too :) But yes go see it, am sure you will love it!

  3. Hmm bit worried about the comments about the script being all over the place. I just got Quantum of Solace on DVD and gave up after 20 mins as it seemed all over the place.

    I’d like to try this – the cast is amazing and the music seems great.

    Perhaps it’s age and my attention span I need to work on !

  4. It’s a much better film than the Quantum of Solace.

    It’s not a critics film, it’s a fun night out. My wife and I both enjoyed the film.

    If you want to know more about the boat (and station) the film is based on start at the website linked below.

  5. Absolutely Terrible.

    This film is an excellent example of “the emperor’s new clothes” phenomenon.

    So what if the cast is good? The script and editing are appalling.

  6. This film is atrocious. Read the views of those who have paid to see it, rather than those who are paid to praise it.

    No amount of spin from bloggers, pr people & friends of Richard Curtis (Jonathan Ross for example) will convince any cinema goer with half a brain otherwise.

    And I’m quite sick of hearing “it’s not a critics film”, as if the general public were brain dead ciphers for any old tripe that gets served up.

    You’ve watched it THREE times? You must be mentally ill.

  7. Hello everyone!

    I have seen this movie today and I have to agree with this review. The plot holes in thsi movie made me want to sit up and walk away.. but in the end it was uhm… an ok movie.

    All the best,

  8. @dom: I have seen it SIX times now. Do you think I need help?

    And to all others – there is something about this movie that makes you feel good. And it’s not only me, I have heard the audience roar with laughter a lot – every single time I saw it.

    I absolutely love the biscuit and tea scene by the way. And Thick Kevin is too quirky for words, I love him.

  9. Richard.
    I’m 68 years young, and I loved every bloody minute of it, and so did the rest of us who saw it. It was refreshing to see something on the screen that was full on humour. We all came away feeling good.I don’t tell anyone that they must see it. I just say please your self, We did. It’s up to you. What a great piece of work.

  10. Please tell me-is the sinking of the boat what actually happenned? If so-what caused it? The Weather or the Government?I enjoyed the film-FABULOUS music. Some hilarious moments.I am a “Child of the 60’s -wonder journey to my youth !1 This is a genuine question.

  11. Hey,
    Just saw this movie and I have to say I loved it. The movie was great and funny and i really enjoyed watching it, so did my wife and kid.

    Warm wishes,

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