Easter in the Netherlands

Spring is in the air

Easter food/drink in Holland is :

Other Easter highlights:

  • The weather. It has been over 20 C every day of the weekend, amazing. I actually got an Easter tan. I don’t think that has ever happened before, normally it rains.
  • A canal boat trip through Utrecht. Nice to see a city I know so well from a complete different angle.
  • Being able to bike everywhere as it is so flat.
  • And last but not least, as dire chance and fateful cockup would have it: we managed to get ourselves into a secret sneak preview of The Boat That Rocked in Scheveningen the Saturday morning at 10.30am. The only screening all week in the Netherland before the official release on the 16th of April. And did I mention it was for free!

    We had to get up at 6.45am to be able to make it to Scheveningen all the way from IJsselstein on Saturday, but we did make it, and after being supplied with two reservation numbers (we didn’t even know you needed those but a very friendly woman had two extra ones and made our day!) we entered the Pathe cinema and enjoyed Quentin with Dutch subtitles. Rock ‘n roll baby!

So what did you do with Easter?

7 thoughts to “Easter in the Netherlands”

  1. “So what did you do with Easter?”

    Newcastle, baby!

    As you know: we went to Newcastle by boat. (It rocked a little!) It was a great experience. We’ve been on a boat before, but not on a real sea. Newcastle was great. A city with both the old and the new. It was only for a day, but we’ll go back someday.
    The temperature was also great: 22?C. I even managed to get a sun burned face.

    No Easter eggs or bunnies!

    Even living in London, you’re still the Dutch girl who can enjoys ‘drop’. Once Dutch, always Dutch !

    Did you watch Dr. Who whilst in Holland?

  2. Good you make that picture, it`s soooo beautiful.
    Glad you have such a great weekend, mine was also very nice ;-)

  3. @Eileen: it’s peer blossoms (the apple blossoms weren’t out yet, they are a little later than the peer ones normally in Holland)

    Those tree frogs really do sound like baby chicks – how weird! I had never heard them before :)

    The croquette: contains things like minced meat (beef), onion, spices, flour, broth and is rolled in egg and encased in breadcrumbs after which it is fried. You can get them in any snackbar in Holland, but the ones my mum makes are the best :)

  4. @Pedro: No I missed Dr. Who! But I am going to catch it on BBC iPlayer for sure.

    And glad you liked Newcastle and that the weather was nice, I must go there one day too. Think there are some nice lighthouses in that area.

    And yes – I am a dropjes addict, and you can’t get any decent ones in London so I have to import them! :)

  5. Your mum’s croquettes sound yummy. I may try making some, even though they won’t be as good as hers. :)

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