I (f)ear you

(*)You didn’t know I was a bionic woman did you? Or maybe you did, I had a simular operation about 5 years ago (in Dutch sorry – but they replaced one of the tiny bones in my ear with a tiny platinum replacement – yes they have to cut through the ear drum and this time they will also make a cut in my ear – brrrr) and about 2 weeks from now I am going to go through the same procedure again. Or kind of, they will try to figure out why my bionic ear is no longer that bionic anymore (in other words, I am pretty deaf on that ear).

This operation came a bit unexpected but the good thing about that is that I can’t worry about it for too long, as it is soon. The other good thing is that it will take place under full aneastetic, which means that unlike last time, I don’t have to worry about laying still: I will as I will be fast asleep so the doctor can laser around steadily. And it was pretty scary to hear all the sounds in my ear last time when I got operated while being concious, so I am glad I won’t have to go through that again.

I am also glad I wrote down how the recovery period went, I had forgotten about the strange noises in my ear, the loss of taste on a side of my tongue and things like that. This was all temporary and all went away after a few days. I am not looking forward to it, but hopefully I will regain a big part of my hearing in my left hear when it’s done. And maybe, just maybe, my tinitus will disappear again too.

It will take place in Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in London. They have been around for quite a while, so let’s hope they do a decent job.

I will have to stay at home for a week or two after it’s done. So I better start preparing and make sure I have stacks of films and books ready by then. Is The Boat That Rocked DVD out yet? What do you mean, No?

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  1. Wow. You would be mad to not be a bit scared. These surgeries have an excellent track record, though, which is quite encouraging. I wish you well and a quick recovery! What is in your movie/book lineup? I imagine you will be fairly immobile for several days? Wish I could make you soup or something.

  2. Maybe you can reschedule the operation until the DVD-release of TBTR, which is planned for the 28th of August.
    Don’t you worry, I guess something funny will happen to you while you’re in hospital.

  3. @Eileen: Thank you! I will let you know my movie/book lineup. I have a lot of books waiting to be read, but the movie stack is a bit low (as I am normally a cinema person :)

    @Pedro: I think it’s good it happens this fast otherwise I would be worried about it for too long. The 28th of August for the DVD is sooner than I thought though! :) I must stack some other films in stead and listen (hopefully in stereo after the operation) to the soundtrack of TBTR in stead :)

  4. Do you know much about Tinitus…? A friend of mine suffers from it and it drives her nuts.. I didnt realise you could actually get it fixed…

  5. @Jay : I am not an expert – I think it would be a good idea for your friend to go and see an ear specialist about it. I am not sure there is a 100% cure, but there are certainly things they can recommend which should help to make it more bearable.

    My tinitus disappeared after my last operation – but that was a side effect! I am not having this operation to have my tinitus fixed, it’s another problem they are trying to fix (deafness).

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