Temporary on hold (I hope)

I am on my way to Holland (with bus and ferry because I am not really allowed to travel otherwise). Things are not how they should be with my dizzyness and I just need to be with my mum.

I don’t know if this dizzyness will ever disappear, I am still hoping it does, but until it does – I won’t be writing much here. There are more important things I have to worry about at the moment.

Be good readers, and I really do hope to be back soon with a steady head.

13 thoughts to “Temporary on hold (I hope)”

  1. Will traveling by ferry not make you even more dizzy?
    Hope you get well soon. Have fun in the great country called Holland ;)

  2. Nothing like mum when you are not feeling well (even at our age!).
    Safe trip, I’m sure you’ll feel better in a week or so.

  3. Je hebt gelijk. Er zijn belangrijker dingen in het leven. Als je niet in orde bent, kun je maar het beste even onder de vleugels van moeder kruipen. Sterkte en beterschap.

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