Very slow recovering from Stapedectomy

It is very slowly getting better after my stapedectomy operation. My dizzyness is not completely over yet but the good news is that it is now slowly getting better. It has taken nearly two nervewrecking weeks which is much longer than the couple of days they mentioned in the leaflet I received from the hospital.

I am still having trouble reading and staring at a computer screen for more than 10 minutes, but I am now able to walk around without having the feeling that I am wearing a huge heavy space helmet on my head. It is a big relief and I am sure all will be fine some time from now.

Another good thing is that there are moments where my operated ear opens (it is still stuffed with the dressing and cotton wool – that will be removed on the 2nd of June) and in those moments I can definitely hear things with it. It is hard to say how well I will hear with it until after the 2nd of June but it seems promising.

I am still in Holland but will return to London on Friday.

A big Thank You to all the nice people who left those very nice comments on the previous post! I am sure it helped!

10 thoughts to “Very slow recovering from Stapedectomy”

  1. Well, that’s great news. I a few weeks time you’re allowed to hear everything everyone has to say. Until then: Enjoy your stay in Holland. I’ll keep my ear close to the great in case there’s any news about your ear.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that you are getting better – by and by, – and that the operation seems to have a good effect on your hearing.

    Now take good care of yourself, – don’t force yourself to start too early at work – relax and enjoy life ;-)

  3. Get well soon. Sorry to say I’ve not read your blog in a while as life is upside down. Hope you feel better.

  4. Good news, indeed. You must be really relieved. And the dizzyness will disappear completely, I am sure. Just be patient.

    Take care and enjoy the time with your mother before returning to London.

  5. This is such a long time to feel not right. May the reward for your patience be wonderful hearing.

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