Ear and flathunting and Daniel Craig ice lollies

  • Firstly – and this will be the last time I write about it – my dizzyness is gone. I am not quite sure how well my ear is hearing, but I do hear with it. I just tried to listen to my iPod for the first time in weeks, and it seems that the music is more evenly balanced and true stereo now. (Don’t worry I am playing it on low volume!)

    They removed the packing from my ear yesterday (so nice because it itched like mad) and I need to return for a full hearing test six weeks from now.

    Even if my ear seems to hear better than it did before – I am not sure if I will ever do an operation like this again. My other ear has the same issue (but it is not bad enough to operate yet) and I have to be pretty deaf before I even consider going through this again. But all is good now, and I hope it will stay that way. Thank you for all the concern and thoughts and comments regarding this!

  • When I came back from Holland, I heard that my current landlord is contemplating about what to do with his appartment (the one I currently live in that is). I have decided that I no longer want to live like this – not knowing when he feels like raising the rent or quickly having to move because he suddenly wants to sell it (we don’t have a contract) . So I am now a full time flatshare searcher and am looking for another place to live. I have some potential rooms on the radar and will check them out – but if you happen to know someone who knows someone who has the nicest room ever – then please do get in touch. I won’t stop searching until I have found a nice place.

And here for some good news:

  • Summer has arrived, not only in London, but all over England. I found myself having a lovely freshly made milkshake at the Rinky Tink beach cafe in Lyme Regis last Saturday and it was marvelous just to be able to sit outside without having to wear a coat. Long may this weather continue – wherever you are.
  • The Boat That Rocked is still on in London! Rock on! I think I will catch it tomorrow, just to see what it sounds like with two normally functioning ears.
  • And oh dear – they have made Daniel Craig popsicle ice lollies … Enough said.

And you – how have you been?

11 thoughts to “Ear and flathunting and Daniel Craig ice lollies”

  1. I could make a joke about DC being sucked by women, but I won’t. How weird can it get?

    Glad your hearing has improved. Enjoy it.

    Isn’t it a bit strange, renting a room without any form of contract? It would definitely not be my kind of thing. Good luck with the hunt.

    How I’ve been?
    Well, the Dutch Pinkster weekend is over and the weather was great. Sadly enough I had to work. I got my new modem, which turned out to be a *&%#!#*!$*, so I’m using the old one now.
    During Pinksteren I tried to finish some work, but first I ran out of toner and then I had to deliver the work myself. It had to be on my clients desk this morning.

    So all and all it went fantastic.

  2. Well some landlords get away with not having a contract, but I am just tired of it now and want a place with a decent contract. I have also seen rooms where you had to pay cash every month! That smells suspicious to me too!

    Modem – I hope that’s a broadband modem? I don’t expect you are still on the internet with a phone line? :)

    See – you are not supposed to work with Pinksteren! :)

    And yes I know about the Daniel Craig thing, I saw a head line somewhere where it said: the whole of the UK licks Daniel Craig :)

  3. Hi Sue – yes that flat in Notting Hill offer got withdrawn again! Am going to focus on finding something decent and reliable now :)

    And would have love to see the Pinter show, but my good friend (and Billunatic) is coming over from Devon and we will see a Bill Bailey try out in Hammersmith that evening. I know that the other Bill (Nighy) is a huge Pinter fan so if you see him, tell him I said hello :) And I hope you have a really fantastic evening! The weather should be good in London this weekend!

  4. Hey, just heard about your stapedec-o-thing (my, that’s a long and winding name!), hope you’re all fine now and getting better every day!!

  5. Hello Jill! It has been a while! How have you been? :)

    Ear is all well now and I am fine :)

    Have today visited a potential room in a very nice flatshare. Will hear if they pick me tomorrow, exiting times!

  6. Great to hear all is well! Very nice to get the update.

    How about I move to London and we can flat-hunt together? (Funny, my husband and kids have this crazy notion I should stay in our house.) Good luck with the search.

    Thought of you recently when I had a business meeting with a woman who laughed EXACTLY like Bill Nighy’s Billy Mack — heh, heh, heh. It was all I could do not to burst into laughter at a most inappropriate time.

    Now that you can hear again, have you seen this interview with BN? http://www.charlierose.com/guest/view/38 You have to suffer through Charlie Rose’s insufferability, but BN is wonderful.

    And Daniel Craig is cool in many ways.

  7. Good to hear that!! :)

    I’m great, absurdly busy and moving house too, but all is good :)

    Good luck with your flathunt!!!

  8. @Eileen: I have seen the Charlie Rose interview indeed, love it. He seems quite at ease there.

    And – new flat has been found :) More about that tomorrow.

  9. I was researching “stapedectomy” (or whatever the spelling) as I’ve just been diagnosed with otosclerosis. It is in my right ear & I think it is extending into my left. I’m not using a hearing aid yet but it is making me quite sad. And worried.

    I am glad to read that you have recovered from the 2nd round of surgery. Hope you never have to undergo round #3!

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