Be prepared to be surprised – a move to Maida Vale

It is mostly me who is surprised I think.

Short version:
I have found a great room in a fantastic flat where I will share with a very friendly male kiwi (I call him Angus) and a third person who still has to be found.

I know that I rather enthusiastically wrote about a move to Notting Hill a while ago. I removed the post later because the move wasn’t meant to happen and got cancelled. This time I am rather sure I am moving though – the only thing that could mess it up is the letting agent not accepting me as being a reliable person but let’s assume all goes smooth this time.

I was looking for a room but not in Maida Vale. Luckily Angus (his real name is not Angus but he looks like Angus from The Boat That Rocked and like Angus he is a Kiwi too) contacted me with a very polite email saying: I know you are not looking in this area but maybe you would like to consider the room in our flatshare?

After I saw photos of the room I was really interested, and after having seen the flat and the area and after having met Angus I just felt that this was the place for me

The area is very nice, I have actually been there when I just got to London, as it is close to Little Venice and the Grand Union Canal. It is also not too far from Regents Park and Primrose Hill, it’s close to Abbey Road and the studios, to Paddington and Oxford street and Notting Hill (work) actually it’s about here. Close to tube stations and good bus links.

Here is what is going to be really nice:

  • My room is about the same size as I have now (spacious). But I will now sleep in a decent double bed in stead of my cramped Ikea sleeping sofa (less than one person size). And there is a whole wall of wardrobes for my things.
  • I can eat my dinner sitting on a chair at a dinner table in the living room in stead of having to have my plate on my knees. (I can’t believe I have done that for 3 years!) At the same table I can sit down with a cup of tea and the news paper. There was no table where I live now
  • There is a lovely modern kitchen and I no longer need to worry what would happen if the boiler breaks down as in this house it will get fixed by the landlord. (Unlike where I live now!)
  • There is a living room with two sofas to lazy on reading a book or reading the paper. And because of this it will also be a more sociable place to live. I know I will get on with Angus and if he manages to find a friendly and nice third person it will be just as close to Friends (the tv series – but without the romance!) as it can get.
  • I will have a decent contract and can no longer just be kicked on the street.

It all sounds very good to me.

10 thoughts to “Be prepared to be surprised – a move to Maida Vale”

  1. Oh, it does sound absolutely wonderful!! And, as far as I remember, the area is really nice and pleasant – go for it, absolutely :)

  2. @Pedro: That is plagiarism that is! :) But really cute though! A chair and a desk is actually the only furniture I will move – how did you know? :)

  3. It’s great to know you will have a Kiwi flatmate. If you’re near Little Venice you’re also near the Rembrandt Gardens where this Kiwi was delighted to find they have compost bins made in New Zealand.

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