Notebook addict


It is quite amazing how much stuff I have collected during my 3 years in London. I arrived with two bags, but my possesions will now fill quite some boxes. One of those boxes will contain some notebooks …

I like notebooks. I buy them as souvenirs in places I visit: the two ones with hearts on it are both bought in New York for example. Or if they have really funky colours I will be tempted. Or when the paper has nice patterns on it.

My problem is that I have turned into a serious notebook addict and during packing I found …

Notebook o holic

ehrm, 29 empty notebooks! (Number 29, a Wall-E notebook was already packed so is not shown on the photo).

When I tweeted this I got a fast response: It is good to know that I am not the only one out there having this problem!

I can’t promise that I won’t by any more notebooks, but I promise myself that I will pick up pen and start writing again real soon …

I know I am not the only person out there collecting things, so come one, what is your secret addiction?

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  1. Handbags and pens. With handbags they need to be big enough for a notebook or reading book but small enough that I don’t gain rubbish in it. I bought one in Portabello at the beginning of May and apart from using my rucksack at Drayton Manor I’ve used it nearly everyday – I think it’s a record – maybe I need to clear out some others.

    Pens – I find that I struggle to write with some pens and so I’ll buy a sealed pack of pens and then find it’s really uncomfortable or doesn’t write very well so they get put away and forgotten about. Once in a while I clear out and get rid of a whole bunch. (the good thing about swap-bot is that I can put nearly new or rarely used pens in my swaps so it’s kinda recycling in a way)

  2. @Hannah – pens, yes I am addicted to those too!

    @olive I know Moleskine notebooks, but I have never been tempted enough to buy one. One reason might be that I like spiral notebooks best, the other reason is that they are hugely overpriced. I have held the New York city notebook in my hands a couple of times though! :)

    @grigorisgirl: Rymans is heaven for me too. Pens, markers, paper, envelopes, postcards – I should not go there! And Ordning & Reda – pricey but beautiful things!

  3. notebooks and pens. :) there are many of us, don’t worry. recently, i discovered i got 55 notebooks! and there are many more hiding in drawers and boxes somewhere… :)

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