Moving house ...
I told you I was going to move right? And that one of my flatmates was going to be Angus, the 39 y.o. friendly Kiwi.

Well that still is the case. I have packed more than half of my things in boxes, booked a removal company and sent out the first change-of-address notifications.

However I have now found out that my second flatmate is going to be of the male type too. That was not really something I considered could happen when I said yes to Angus, but somehow I will be sharing a very nice three bedroom flat with two men!

Does this worry me? Not really. The new guy (I am calling him Paolo, which isn’t his real name) is Italian, 34, working in an Art Gallery in the West End and very quiet, according to Angus. So I think we will all be fine. And to be honest, generally, I do get along better with men than with women. There just need to be some rules, you know, things like the toilet seat down and things like that. But it is going to be new and exiting, the flat and the area are great, and who knows Paolo might be a brilliant cook of Italian food!

So yes, two weeks from now we’ll have a coffee the three of us and me and Paolo will get the keys. And the next day I move in. I will keep you updated.

Besides moving, I am also going to be social, I will visit the following events:

For all those three things – I have no idea what it is going to be like, but I will give them all a try. I am not looking forward to the Ghost Bus Tour though – as I am not a fan of anything spooky, but I got invited so I will give it a go.

Tonight I will watch two delightfully talented actors in Waiting for Godot. Next week I will go on a two week video editing (Adobe Premiere) course in Leamington Spa where I hope to learn some new tricks regarding video editing. And when all that is done I will soon be closing the door behind me in my current flat, moving on to a new chapter in my life.

Did I tell you already that you really should go and see Last Chance Harvey? Utterly utterly charming film. Actually.

And what are you all up to?

6 thoughts to “Mooooving”

  1. Two guy and a girl. That truly is a mooooving experience. As long as everybody knows his/her place it’s going to be al right, I guess.

    Ghost bus tours? Is that something new in London. I know the City Sight Seeing-tours with their big red buses. It sounds a bit like that, but then mixed with the London Dungeon. Sounds cool.

    I’ve edited my Costa Rica holiday movie with AP. It’s great, but it’s like hell working with it. Maybe I should have taken that course before I began.

    Maybe I’m going to watch LCH. I like Dustin Hoffman. Did you see him on Jonathan Ross?

  2. I think it is going to be alright too, we will see. I can always move again! :)

    Ghost Bus tours, i don’t know how long they have been around, but it is indeed London Dungeon on a routemaster bus with scary people on board. Not sure it is for me!!

    I am doing the Premiere course because I need it for work, need to do some basic editing. But I think it is a good skill to have.

    Dusty is cute in Last Chance Harvey! Go see it! And I missed him on Jonathan Ross, will see if it’s still on iPlayer.

  3. I love Dustin and Emma Thompson so am looking forwrd to seeing it next month when we show it at work. I saw DH on Jonathon Hoffman on JR and thought he looked great for 71!
    Hope all goes well for your move and your new flatmates are good company.

  4. I was already wondering who Jonathon Hoffman was :D I missed Dusty in Jonathan Ross and too late too catch it on iPlayer. But yes do go and see that film, it is sweet and I am sure you will like it.

  5. I once shared a house with 2 other women and 2 men. It worked out fine. We had some basic house rules (e.g., pick up after yourself, a written chore schedule) and as long as those were observed, everything was great.

    Saw Last Chance Harvey and loved it — Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman said they tried to just be themselves and it was wonderful. Hope they do another film together.

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