Cool down

Swim - anyone?

A heatwave has arrived in London.

I wonder if this is typically British, a heatwave warning with different levels and all.

Sounds like the perfect weather for a move to me. Good thing I hired removal men for it.

I used my weekend to pack everything and I am ready to go. Tonight I will meet up with Angus and the first time with Paolo, my other flatmate and we will get the keys. I hope it is going to be a smooth move, and that I will be happy there.

How is the weather where you are?

7 thoughts to “Cool down”

  1. I hope you’ll like your new place and the new flatmates.

    The weather here in NL is about the same as in the UK. And it’s going to say like this for the next days.
    I don’t like this kind of weather by the way. 20?C is hot enough.
    And don’t get me started on the nights…

  2. Well, like Pedro said, it is very hot here also, too hot indeed .I hope your new flat and flatmates wil be very nice, so you will stay there for a wile ;-)
    Goodluck on wednesday with your move.

  3. Too hot for me, 22C is my perfect temp with a cool breeze;)
    I think that heatwave warning thing is typical of our H&S culture. As long as they warn people about something they are in the clear if anything goes wong!!
    Good luck with the move.

  4. Summer has come, even in the Netherlands!!! It feels like I’m on holiday every day. And they say the temperature will rise even more the coming days…. Tomorrow I’m going for a dive in “het Wed”.

    Good luck in your new flat!

  5. I agree, 22C would be ok for me too. But it is bearable at home and I still manage to sleep well.

    @sonnetje het Wed is that near Haarlem?

    And thanks for all the well wishes regarding the move!

  6. Yes, it’s near Haarlem, at the beginning of “de Zeeweg”. Ever been there?
    Unfortunately the quality of the water isn’t good enough to take a swim at the moment. Bit disappointing…

  7. I’m on Long Island, 45 minutes from Manhattan. The weather here has been setting records for rainfall…Summer is usually in the high 90’s(F) & humid. Today, the day before our Independence Day, the temperature is in the 70’s (F).

    Next week, will be the first week, since June 1 where we might not see rainfall (thunder & lightening) for every day of the week (except one day)

    We are truly enjoying a sunny day tomorrow.


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