Leonard the squirrel

Meet Leonard, the squirrel, my new neighbour. I know that most people don’t like the grey squirrels because they are making life for the red squirrels very difficult. But I must admit that I still find them cute. I spotted Leonard when I left my flat this morning, he was sitting on the wall eating his breakfast. He stopped shortly to pose for me.

It must have looked a bit weird, me in my business suit (external client meeting today) taking pictures of a squirrel. When I put my camera back in my bag I realised that that was what the house keeper was thinking, as he was looking at me with one hand on his side. He did not look happy. He probably hates Leonard.

I think he hates me too now. He is the grumpiest bugger I have met in my life. I waved to him though when I saw him looking at me. He didn’t bother to wave back, but nodded a tiny little nod. That was probably his Britishness kicking in. I hope he doesn’t take it out on Leonard.

3 thoughts to “Leonard the squirrel”

  1. I love Leonard! He looks so cute! Just looks… maybe in real he’s far from cute.

  2. I think you did well, getting a nod out of your new neighbor.

    As for Leonard, he is adorable, even if he IS part of the disreputable branch of the squirrel family.

  3. I loved the squirrels in London. On my last day there my priority was to go to St James’ Park to see the squirrels. My daughter said (slightly disgustedly) ‘all these wonderful galleries and museums and all Mother wants to do is see squirrels’.

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